global family

Hi, there fellow founders, way back in September 2018 I was in a very dark place. Having spent years failing online and being unable to work, I was just surviving on my pension. After years of taking care of my kids as a solo dad, I was terrified that now I was going to be a burden on them, for the rest of my life. I was and still am living in the middle of 5 acres of trees with no car, a gilded jail but still a jail.

September 20, 2018, I signed up to GoFounders and my life began to change, I could just see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. From day one I needed no encouragement to visit the community page and have done every day since. Over the journey, many motivating and inspirational posts from the likes of Paul, Tony, Victoria, Valerie and Candy, have opened up and expanded my mind. I have even been encouraged to post some of my scribblings, not that I have any pretence of being a motivator.

With brilliant videos by James and Jeffery’s excellent first video, I feel so very privileged to be here. Now with Mike Ellis including all founders in his fabulous video training. We are truly a global family.