We Are Witnessing Something Extraordinary

We Are Witnessing Something Extraordinary

We are witnessing something extraordinary. 

We are a part of an opportunity that we may not see again in our lifetime

Congratulations to ALL THE ONPASSIVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS who has seen this vision and can see what Ash has seen and has made the decision that they will not be left behind because they want to be part of this extraordinary and sand colossal event that IS ONPASSIVE

We are not in it to win it we have WON.

Pamela Coates – United Kingdom

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  • Teleki Viktória

    Yes! We are truly witnessing and participating in something extraordinary! So many well-meaning people can create something useful and lasting! So many loving people can provide many useful valuable help to others!
    With love: Teleki Viktória Hungary

    5 months ago | 12 January, 2021 9:45 am Reply

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