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31 Mar 2021
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We, As Founders, Can End World Hunger and Poverty!

It has been 3 days since O-Bless was introduced, and I still get emotional thinking about it. The magnitude of what we can achieve collectively is truly phenomenal. This is the end of our world as we know it…we, as founders, can end world hunger and poverty!!!! This sends shivers up and down my spine!

I want to thank our wonderful Tech team for staying up late and presenting this magnificent product. You should be SO proud. The website is beautiful, and you did not leave one stone unturned…thank you for all your hard work and paying attention to every detail!! We ALL applaud you! Of course, SO much gratitude goes out to the man of the hour, year, decade and century, Mr. Ash Mufareh!!! Feeling BLESSED beyond words. My heart continues to expand being in this wonderful family!!

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