We Can’t Fathom How Massive ONPASSIVE Is!!


ONPASSIVE has given Ordinary People, an Extraordinary Gift!! That Gift is going to change the financial lives of hundreds of thousands who have been looking to leave their families a legacy that we have been given: Perpetual Income for Generations!! Nothing Present or in the future will be able to stop ONPASSIVE from Completing its Mission!! The Total Commitment of Mr. Ash Mufareh and Staff will make sure that ONPASSIVE is a Smashing Success!! That Gift that Mr. Ash Mufareh has given us is the Founders Position!! Founders in ONPASSIVE are the Movers and Shakers who are poised to help all who are in need financially!! Those who want to make money on the Internet Become a Founder!!! Those who want to save money become a customer of ONPASSIVE Massively Superior Digital Products!! It is a Win! Win! The situation for all who participate in ONPASSIVE! Yes, my fellow Founders in ONPASSIVE; cherish this Incredible Company ONPASSIVE! Go to bed thinking about all we can do by giving our total Support to ONPASSIVE! We can’t Fathom how Massive ONPASSIVE Is!! Very Soon, the World of Online and Offline Marketing will benefit from the Scope of ONPASSIVE!! The Great Part is that it will Only Be the Beginning!!!

John White – United States

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  • Avatar Christian Praesent

    Unbelievable company with so much heart and a great know how. Nobody can hold a candle to ONPASSIVE
    Leading with heart is the paradigm shift that the world has long been waiting for. Now it will soon be time, decide to be there now, whether as a customer or a founder, both will enrich your life.

    2 months ago | 7 December, 2020 3:19 pm Reply
  • Avatar robert price

    I’m so excited, it’s hard for me to contain myself. I think about all the misfortunes I have had in my life in regards to internet marketing, and then comes, Qnpassive, what an amazing opportunity that has landed in my lap. This opportunity is going to change so many lives, particularly, my family and me. Thanks, Ash Mufareh, for making a way to secure my family’s future and so many countless others. I truly believe you were heaven-sent. Keep up the awesome work.

    2 months ago | 6 December, 2020 11:42 pm Reply
  • Avatar Johnny Lee

    Nicely said John!

    2 months ago | 5 December, 2020 8:41 pm Reply
  • Patricio Rivers Patricio Rivers

    Very Well Said John!

    2 months ago | 5 December, 2020 4:54 pm Reply

    Wonderful future with # Onpassive!

    2 months ago | 5 December, 2020 12:51 pm Reply
  • Avatar Nelly Nkwane

    I don’t think I know what I got myself into with OnPassive, it’s actually scary to know that my life is going to change in a few months, all because I took the plunge and signed up under a total stranger lol! I am so proud to be a GoFounder in this incredibly huge organisation, whose only purpose is to build and improve people’s lives. We thank God for Mr. Ash for coming up with this absolutely amazing concept to financial freedom.
    Forward we go!

    2 months ago | 3 December, 2020 1:51 pm Reply

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