Mr Ash Mufareh


22 Jul 2021
1 Min read

We Founders Are Set For Life And The Billions Who Are Suffering

Hello my precious brothers and sisters in ONPASSIVE! We are part of the Greatest Abundance and Wealth creating Vehicle ever created by Human Sources! Mr Ash Mufareh has caught every business off guard! The Signs were there, but they were not paying Attention! Only those who saw what Mr Mufareh saw; stand to benefit! We Founders are set for life and the billions who are suffering; now have a dedicated company to help them! It has always been about helping those who have been forgotten and unloved: That has been what makes Mr Mufareh different! That is the fuel powering ONPASSIVE: and that will never burn out!

Implementation, and management, we are here to accelerate innovation and transform businesses. Contextual marketing is a modern marketing strategy to communicate the correct message to the ...

Tags: Technology Artificial Intelligence

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