Web Hosting Services for Businesses

Web hosting hosts our programs on a server to be available on the web. Its role is significant for data security, enhanced page load speed, increasing user traffic while ensuring data security. This being the basic idea, let us explore more about Web hosting services.

Advantages of Web hosting services

A web-hosted application can be viewed over the web by typing the corresponding URL or a domain name. A domain name needs to be registered prior to web hosting. Following this, here below are some significant features of any good web hosting service:

  • Business email accounts: Businesses can generate Emails with their domain names. For example, if one has www.xyz.com as a domain name, then an email ID as name@xyz.com can be created.
  • Secured services are the most sought out of any web service provider. They help protect against malware and data leaks.
  • Depending on the space provided on the web server, web hosting can be categorized into mainly three kinds, namely shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.
  • Renders efficient customer support during crises. Suppose you are in an important business call, and suddenly a technical issue arises that caused the website down. Customer support can better solve the issue promptly.
  • Increases the page load speed and thus contributes to SEO ranking.
  • Website Integration and serves backups for websites.

Types of web hosting services

Shared Hosting: Hosting one’s services on a shared hosting means sharing space on a standard server with others. So, it is natural to experience specific performance issues. It is suggested for small business websites, where the user traffic is less. However, as the business develops and the user traffic increases, shifting the hosting platform to an advanced level proves worth it.

VPS hosting: Compared to Shared Hosting, it is an advanced option. It best suits medium-sized businesses. Performance levels are relatively high, and one can experience the privacy and implement customized options.

Dedicated hosting: The cost of dedicated hosting is relatively high. As the name suggests, you have a dedicated space and have complete control over it. Websites generating massive user traffic can use this hosting. 


Hundreds of web hosting services are available in the market. However, choosing the best one proves effective. Web hosting platforms that offer high uptime can best catch the user attention. If any website is down for a longer time, no user will wait for the site to be up. Hence, chances are more likely to jump to another website that offers the same services immediately. 

While it comes to the choice of using any web hosting platform, ONPASSIVE O-Domain has its mark of fulfilling web hosting services at best. Using the tool, one can fulfil the following: 

  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • One can access a wide variety of domain names with ease and buy one or more of them
  • Hosts secured business and personal websites.
  • Website creation is now easy as it provides access to customized website building.
  • Renders Email services with your domain or business names to create customer’s confidence and trust
  • AI Chatbot for customer engagement
  • Offers SSL certificates for secure domain and to build business brand image
  • Keeps the systems safe by identifying data theft and fraud
  • Ensures spam-free Emails


Web hosting services serve much beyond presenting your website on the web. Any business striving to prove its mark in the market must have its presence at the top of Google’s search listing. Therefore, adopting a web hosting service is a basic essential to serve the purpose, and at the same time, choosing the right one matters.