marketing metrics

Suppose you have implemented a plan. Having done so, how is it that you assess how good is it working. Metrics hold as a reference to perform this analysis. Can the assessment help? Definitely, yes, as it helps to know where things are really working and where something is lacking. Such analysis creates the way for implementing improvements and corrections.

In this competitive world, one needs to step ahead in making decisions regarding plan execution output at the earlier stage itself. By doing so, time and effort is significantly saved. Having said this, let us know some of the metrics

Website Marketing metrics

Suppose your organization has a website. User lands on your website through different means. Let us have a look at the four means the user might have adopted:

  1. Typed your URL in the browser
  2. Used a navigation link in some other web page
  3. Used one of the social media channels
  4. Entered specific keywords on the google search page.

Analyzing this way helps formulate the workflow accordingly and make efforts to introduce changes and enhancement wherever necessary.

Know your website traffic

Is it not great to know how and what the user is trying to see on your website? Truly, yes, as this helps to know the areas of interest and what is missing from his expectations. Thus, the businesses can put more efforts to give more innovative experiences in the interested areas and at the same time build strategies to implement the missed out things.

Generate appealing websites for better conversion

Don’t you think all the visitors to your website turn to be the leads? No, right. Some of them might have just viewed the details and left, while some might have turn into customers by making the sales. What could the factors that hold the user attention? It is, of course, appealing websites. So, why do you wait? Grab every opportunity to make your website interesting with all the required stuff at your hand and make better conversions.

O-Create is at hand to create the most appealing websites for your business. The responsive web pages built across the tool help achieve device compatibility.

The AI-based system helps track the user view and intent to turn away without availing any products or services. Such analysis helps improve business performance levels.

Implement the latest SEO trend:

With the changing mindset and the latest trend, the keyword usage in the google search page keeps changing specific to any field, whether it is business, politics, food, entertainment, education, etc. So, keeping this in view, businesses are required to mould according to the trend and try implementing SEO best strategies to reach the public.

Website Traffic Monitor

Website traffic monitor deals with in and out traffic to a website, and when coming to the question on what things can be analyzed, here below are stated few:

  1. The no of time a website is visited in a day/ week/month
  2. How long is the user retained on the website
  3. The most visited feature of a website
  4. Web pages loading speed

Now dealing with the fraudsters, AI and ML-driven systems are at hand to track them easily. OTRACKER is an AI-driven tool that tracks the user’s IP address and identifies the user’s location, nationality and time zone. Based on the user action, the tool can identify the threats and blacklist those IP address.


Website marketing metrics are sure means to know the pros and cons of the business performance. Similarly, website traffic monitor paves the way to understand required things for achieving successful business operations. No doubt AI has proved its mark in carrying website marketing metrics easily and quickly. Let us explore them and implement them in the work culture to achieve the best results.