Greeting global founders 183,000+ welcome all new founders. Thank you, Ash for your wonderful family.

Gone way past belief in Ash’s vision for ONPASSIVE, we are like Ash has said a done deal. Founders, we are totally on fire!  In it to Win It! To be honest, some of us have been in this new space since we first had the privileged of hearing Ash speak about his awesome vision, and this is called knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt. Simple faith more than a gut feeling a deep down in your inner being said, you know it. We are learning the measure of a man, our CEO, leader, and friend- who has been transparent with us from day one! This confidence in Ash’s integrity creates unwavering trust and unlimited patience. As we come closer to the birth of our precious one, we must knit us closer and closer together; our numbers will continue to grow faster and faster; our global unity is more important than ever; after all, we are one ONPASSIVE together! Peace and love to all. Have a wonderful rest of your matter what your life circumstances show you, we know.