Hello, Hello Dear Founding Family, WOW on the webinar today! 

Always great to hear so many happy Founders and of course our lovely Ash… Whose feeling super lucky to be here? I know I am… 

What an unbelievable journey it has been for us all so far & to watch it grow daily and achieve such great milestones over & over again with such a wonderful family feeling of amazing people from all walks of life & from all over the globe. 

A truly unique movement indeed and you can feel the love on every call we have had so far, so much passion and the lucky 100th webinar today…  That was amazing! 

Feeling blessed to be a part of ONPASSIVE with you all and the best is yet to come. I do believe Ash will own the internet with ONPASSIVE and looking forward to the day it will become that household name in the world. What an honor it is to be here.  

Thank You, Ash and your team of many, plus all the leadership council founders and every single founder here too. 

I may not have a huge team going on just yet, but I love them all that trusted me enough to join me on this exciting journey together..  We are all one big happy family as Founders and are definitely in the right place.  Stay safe everyone and be happy, safely knowing you made a very wise decision…. 

So, so happy! I definitely need to do a video at some point; it is always good to put faces to the names, great job guys on that video we saw today. Brilliant!