Career options in AI

In the past few years, careers in artificial intelligence (AI) have grown drastically to meet the demands of all the industries going digital. Jobs in AI industries are expected to rise by 2.3 million positions over the next decade. According to recent research, 83% of companies that use artificial intelligence technologies have confirmed that AI is already contributing to the creation of new jobs. AI is being used for a variety of application to make computers smarter.

Below are some of the jobs trending in the field of artificial intelligence:

#1 Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is the subset of AI, and ML engineers are highly hunted in the field of artificial intelligence industries. They’re often responsible for building and managing machine learning projects. The role of a machine learning engineer is at the core of AI projects and is applicable for those who come from a background in applied research and data science. Machine learning engineers should also be able to implement predictive models and use natural language processing when working with a vast amount of data.

#2 Data Scientist

One of the popular careers in AI is Data scientist. These professional are equipped with collecting, analysing, and evaluating enormous, complex datasets. They do this with the help of both machine learning and predictive analytics. They also play an essential role in building algorithms that facilitate the gathering and sorting of data for analysis. Candidates who are looking to get started in data science should be familiar in data science and must know how to implement it in practical ways.

#3 Business Intelligence Developers

AI careers also consist of business intelligence(BI) developer. One must be able to participate in the development of Business Intelligence solutions to meet the needs of Product Management Organization. BI developer will display his business partner’s mind-set. Must understand business and ultimately build the requirements that meet the needs of business requirements. Those candidates who are interested in this role need to be substantial technical and problem-solving skills.

#4 Research Scientist

Research in machine learning and AI has profoundly impacted user-facing services across various online platforms, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Google maps. There is always room for information out there, and the research teams have an endless quest to find it and make it accessible. Those who are interested in trying out to be research scientists should possess extreme knowledge in computer science, graphical models, natural language processing and much more.

Artificial intelligence is building many opportunities for software professionals around the globe. Chatbots in marketing have improved sales by 67%; this software needs to be developed extensively and needs AI and natural language processing professionals to manage chatbots. Several other fields of artificial intelligence pave the way for hundreds of career path in the future.