Web Design Styles

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In the previous article, we understood how web designing plays an important role in being an effective part of your digital marketing strategy! By utilizing various web designing style strategies, you can ensure that the flow of your website is consistent in creating great looking websites.

The two major web design styles are static and dynamic websites and with a few creative web design ideas, you can know what is popular and what is not. So it’s time to let go of the older strategies and try out newer methods for designing your website!

Some of the different types of website design are:

Illustrative Web Design:

Image Credit: Lander App
  • Illustrations are an incredibly versatile tool which can be used to find different users in design. Illustrative web design has a vast array of different implementations.
  • Illustrations mainly consist of cartoon drawings and general illustrations. Drawing is an incredibly creative activity by definition! When you incorporate these elements into your website, this can really make your website stand apart from other competitors.
  • It is an incredible part of your web design strategy by attracting and engaging with customers with the help of elements such as icons and infographics.
  • A better-designed website can help to establish a more personal connection with users and ensure an overall better experience.

Web Design based on Minimalism:

Image Credit: Silo Ridge
  • Minimalism is a unique web design style which helps to bring out the true essence of a design, by removing the unnecessary and non-essential features, concepts and forms.
  • This style form when utilized in web design is used primarily to erase potential distractions and helps to strip away elements so that they are always visible.

Typographical Web Design:

Image Credit: Nature Digital
  • Typography has incredible potential to go above and beyond general storytelling, as it shows users who are behind the website. This helps to reflect the tone of voice as well.
  • Typography design can really help to make or break the design of a website.

Web Design For A Single Page:

Image Credit: CAMO
  • Single web design is incredibly more effective and practical, to deliver the main message considering their short attention span.
  • With a refined purpose for your design, you can make your content fit your content into a single page and create interesting layouts!
  • This can help you to achieve the fullest potential with the help of single-page design.

A Flat Web Design:

Image Credit: Lander app


In conclusion, these are some different strategies to influence web designing styles. These web designing styles and strategies can be utilized in making your website more attractive and eye-catching to your visitors! Depending on your website’s goals, you can create amazing image sliders and showcases of products. In the next article, we will be looking at different types of websites, that you can use for your business!