Email Marketing Campaigns

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In this article, we will help you figure out the ultimate email marketing strategy with a simple guide. Even though it is a traditional and simple enough medium to understand it is still the most effective marketing channel with a high ROI.

We will also discuss a few real-life case studies to understand how certain organizations have achieved success with the help of email marketing. Here are some lesser-known facts.

Did you know that on an average, there are more than 280 billion emails are sent out on a daily basis! This figure is expected to grow exponentially and is supposed to grow up to 333 billion emails by the year 2021.

Since it’s original conception, email marketing strategies have changed drastically over the past few years. However, it is still the greatest marketing strategy compared to other forms of online marketing such as PPC, SEO and online marketing.

What are some strategies for better email marketing campaigns?

Here are some strategies to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are successful, especially in the long term:

1. Personalizing your messages:

You must always personalize the message in your email marketing campaign. This does not mean to send emails individually one-by-one but sending personalized emails based on customer data.

Amazon does this incredibly well by personalizing emails based on the purchase history of the customer. This can only be done by asking your customers for the right information right off the bat.

Amazon also uses real reply addresses, to improve your overall credibility. They also utilize real email signatures, to give your emailers a good chance to connect and form relationships.

A real-life example of a company which utilizes the personalization of messages is the company Unacademy. They personalize their emails based on the interest that you have shown in their higher learning courses.

Apart from this, they also customize the subject line and opening header with your name. This is done to ensure a higher email click and open rate! This is a great method of converting potential leads to customers.

2. Segmenting your Subscribers:

Segmenting your email subscribers goes a long way in ensuring that your email marketing campaigns are successful! Segmenting email lists also ensures that you get higher open rates, increased revenue, leads, transactions and customers!

Some of the few ways by which you can segment your audience are:

  • Segmenting by the type of industry
  • Segmenting by the size of the company
  • Segmenting by sales cycle

One of the best examples of segmenting your subscribers is how Uber Eats sends out personalized emails based on the ordering history of a customer. They also send out emails catered to your ordering habits from restaurants that you frequently order from.

3. Sending out mobile-friendly emails:

Most people are always on their phone for a majority of their day and one of the first things they do is check their email. Thus, it is important to make sure that the emails you send out are optimized for mobiles too.

One of the best examples of mobile-friendly emails sent out by an organization is BookMyShow, whose 90% revenue comes from booking tickets on their app. Thus, it is important to have a quick conversion from email to the app.

You can use the different tools available online for sending out mobile-friendly emails, for now, to ensure that you have a high click and open rate for your emails.

4. Testing out the copy, design and buttons:

It is important to always keep reinventing your email marketing strategies by constantly switching the design, copy and buttons! Some of the different elements of an email campaign that can be constantly tweaking elements like:

  • Subject lines
  • Type of messaging utilized
  • Call-to-action
  • Design
  • Personalization
  • Landing page
  • Target audiences
  • Name of the sender

One of the most prominent companies which keep utilizing this strategy in their email marketing is Spotify, a music listening platform. This is a great service which utilizes different catchphrases and taglines to attract people more users to their platform.

In conclusion, these are a few steps to follow while tweaking your email marketing strategy and if you do not achieve the results, it is time to get updated. Good luck with your future email marketing strategy!