domain name

Would you be able to identify the website if we ask you to shop at No, right? is the IP address of

Hence, we recommend you to have a domain name which would allow a customer to remember your website and also establish an online presence of your brand.

A great domain name can ensure long-term online success for your business. It is true because the first thing that a user does to reach your website is “Search”. An easy to remember and a relatable keyword in your domain name can help a customer to search your site quickly and also helps in increasing the traffic on your website.

This article will help you to understand the role of a strong domain name in a successful online business.

Advantages of a having a domain name for your online business:

  1. Adds credibility to your business: If you want your company to look professional, have a proper domain name. Many people do not trust the internet yet. Having a domain name from a free web hosting site would not encourage a potential customer to visit your company website. Check yourself and let us know which domain name you trust more – “” or “”? The later domain name looks more trustworthy. Isn’t it?

2. Establishes brand image as tech-savvy: An online company with an easy to remember URL improves brand image. Customers would perceive your company as a technologically updated emerging brand. A tech-savvy image would help your company to compete with the existing brands.

3. Allows few or no errors on branding: A short domain name ensures no spelling errors made by users to type in URLs. Thus, it helps in improving the branding of your company and works as the first step towards brand awareness. Imagine if your domain name is “”. Chances of missing out a few characters are high. Now imagine again, if your domain name is “”. Would it not be easy to remember and type the same?

4. Free walk-in traffic: A domain name consisting of keywords related to your business or products would increase the visibility of your company and also help your site ranking with SEO perspective.

For instance, provides custom-designed t-shirts to its customers. Suppose you are not aware of this company and you do a Google search for “best online custom shirts sites”. Chances are would come up on the top of the search page. It will not help you to purchase their product (if you like) but also the company to get a customer like you without even running a campaign or an ad.

Need one more example? Consider “”. You can imagine what type of customers it must be pulling itself.

5. Easy mobility of your domain: Suppose you are not happy with the current hosting site or you want to shift your company to another country, then the domain name is the only thing that would remain with you. Mobility of your domain anywhere on the internet world doesn’t impact the brand, which you have created with great effort in so many years.

Having an easy-to-remember domain name with a relatable keyword in it, not only helps you in the brand awareness process but also enables you to get free traffic. It improves site ranking and establishes your company’s image as a forward-thinking company which is ready to compete with existing brands.