Marketing helps any business to grow globally. Products and services concerning any business gain reputation by implementing various marketing strategies. The emergence of digitalization paved the way to execute marketing automation procedures. 

Quality, productivity and workflow expedition are the significant outcomes of using any automation tools. No doubt, marketing automation prove advantageous. Let us know implementation and the significant benefits derived from it.

Marketing Automation 

Who holds an influential role in any business. It is, of course, the customers. Targeting the right customers can benefit any business. 

Gathering customer data, understanding their requirements and knowing their expectations helps to focus on the essentials saving valuable time and effort. At the same time, customized results turn out to satisfy the customer base. 

Marketing automation takes various implementation forms such as Email Marketing, Social Media optimization and using websites to act as an effective source of promotion. 

User Tracking: Google search engine is the foremost source of any information on the web. Millions of users use them daily. And, what appears on the search results are the business outcomes. For an effective marketing strategy, assessment is necessary. 

Webpages are built with ads, navigating links and landing pages. At the same time, if any product or service is sought, specific keywords or phrases are typed on the search page. Studying them and writing SEO based articles and blogs helps to be listed on the top.

Marketing automation helps analyze the usage of word frequency, user density on a specific webpage, how much time any user is engaged with any specific functionality and the click rates. All these contribute to define the successful inputs effectively and overcome the challenges by improving.

Moreover, the past and ongoing user transactions help businesses to come up with user-specific requirements. 

Execution: Most of us check our emails daily. Email Marketing intent is to increase the click-through rates. A call to action can include a sign-up screen or a link that moves to a landing page. Newsletter, e-books and White Papers are the various kinds of promotional means through emails. The role of Social Media is massive, for which compelling and engaging content needs to be built. Effective videos or influential talks on the websites can create user’s interest. 

Marketing Automation Benefits 

⦁ Businesses gain a global presence within a short time
⦁ Helps understand and analyze customer’s requirements and expectation
⦁ Helps analyze marketing strategies effectively
⦁ Serves customers to share their responses promptly
⦁ Generates customized solutions
⦁ Saves significant time and effort
⦁ Leverages Social Media platforms

Marketing Automation Platform

How about implementing Customer Relationship Management(CRM) in businesses. It is a study about capturing genuine and qualified customer information, identifying the latest marketing trends and help to implement them. 

Customer retainment, security, faster communication, customer analysis are the significant advantages of CRM tools.

AI technology and can implement intelligent means to accomplish tasks. O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is an AI-powered CRM tool of ONPASSIVE meant to derive the best solutions for CRM.

Get along with the ongoing marketing trends, and understand the customer’s intent through sentiment analysis. Also, connect with the right people using O-Desk. 


An exemplary method produces the right results. While it comes to execute marketing automation serving the maximum benefits should be the choice. 

Artificial Intelligence is designed to provide intelligent solutions by feeding repeated human experiences into it as programs. So, they work as humans do. Thus, understanding customers is more effective with AI tools. Leverage O-Desk, and realize its potentiality.