Best Agile Project Management Tools In 2022

One of the most widely utilized project management techniques nowadays is agile. Thanks to this adaptable and scalable strategy, teams can take better control of their projects by completing them in stages. The outcome is of higher quality and satisfies the expectations of all stakeholders.

Numerous tools are available for teams that want to use an agile project management approach to simplify the process. Nearly at the same rate as the number of cutting-edge agile project management solutions, there are more businesses.

Businesses are increasing nearly at the same rate as the number of cutting-edge agile project management solutions. This makes picking the best choice for your company quite tricky.

What Is Agile & Why Are Companies Going Agile?

Agile means “to move rapidly and effortlessly.” This process moves your product from production to the finished product as quickly as possible. Everyone who is fluent in English is aware of that.

Agile was initially created for software development initiatives. However, because it divides tasks into smaller subtasks, it is also well-liked in other industries. This strategy is adaptable, self-improving, simple to adopt, and extremely helpful for contemporary teams.

The same reason they first entered the industry was to increase profits by producing better goods. Agile methodology is the epitome of what a contemporary, productivity-focused business represents. By using this collection of procedures, companies can get the most out of the resources at their disposal.

Having a strong emphasis on what should and shouldn’t be done while executing projects is a key component of the Agile strategy.

Benefits Of Agile Project Management Tools For Businesses 

The agile methodology places a high priority on connection, cooperation, and adaptability. The same priorities are required of teams who aspire to be agile. Project management software is the only thing that makes this viable in the modern remote workforce. 

Utilizing these tools has the following benefits:

Simplified Project Planning 

Indeed, agile projects don’t frequently adhere to a conventional linear plan. Project planning entails much more than simply listing activities and their deadlines. Software for agile project management can make complex activities more accessible, such as organizing resources and determining dependencies.

Increased Productivity

Agile teams must always access all project-related information to keep projects moving. Project management software increases productivity by centralizing all the information about a project, including project modifications, pertinent tasks, and stakeholder feedback.

Easier Collection Of Feedback

Gathering stakeholder feedback after each stage is essential to any agile project. This process may be complicated depending on how many parties are involved. Numerous technologies for agile project management interface with other components of your tech stack, such as the tools you employ for data collection. 

As a result, your stakeholder input may be kept in the same database as the rest of your project information.

Enhanced Team Cooperation

Project management systems provide tools like tagging, commenting, instant chat, and more inside the software, enabling effective team collaboration.

Improved Project Visibility

For real-time project visualization, several agile project management software provides visibility capabilities like dashboards and boards in the Kanban style. Any sprint’s current status is always visible.

Using agile project management software, you can benefit from hybrid agile methodologies, including Scrumban, a mix of Scrum and Kanban.

What Are The Top Agile Project Management Tools Of 2022?

Many agile project management options are available, whether you’re looking for a new tool or more seasoned, market-leading software. 

Here are some of the best agile project management tools currently on the market:


Regardless of the project management approach, ClickUp is a powerful platform for managing projects that provides a wide range of solutions for all teams. ClickUp offers a variety of solutions for agile teams, including sprint workflow automation, which enables teams to automate sprint assignments based on workload.

Another tool that helps teams to log bugs, turn them into tasks, and assign team members to each job is a simplified bug and problem tracking. To their dashboards, teams can add widgets for the sprint, cycle time, burndown, and other metrics. In addition, ClickUp comes with several dashboards and reports that may be modified.

The project management templates teams can utilize to get started quickly are a distinguishing feature of ClickUp. Create an account, choose a project management template such as Agile Management or Bug and Issue Tracking and get going.


It’s ideal for teams that want agile-focused tools without all the extraneous details found in other project management solutions because VivifyScrum was created especially for agile teams. The platform is a simple web-based tool that can be used with any browser.

Scrum and Kanban boards are used in VivifyScrum’s workflow. Teams can define sprint goals and assign tasks to each plan using the Scrum board. Teams can arrange projects according to their level of development using the Kanban board.

Reports, invoicing, team management, time management, and streamlined project management are among the other capabilities in VivifyScrum. Users get access to VivifyScrum EDU, a free Scrum training program with any premium subscription.

Monday Work Management

The project and task management solution Monday Work Management is provided by The specialized project management tool, Monday Projects, is a part of Monday Work Management. This program offers several project management tools explicitly tailored for agile teams, including bug tracking, Gantt charts, real-time reporting, and sprint planning.

The ability to tailor the platform to meet your unique needs sets Monday Work Management apart from other agile technologies. No matter what methodology you use, Scrum, Kanban, or a hybrid—Monday Work Management is designed to support you, not hinder you.


Businesses worldwide appreciate Jira by Atlassian, a well-known project management tool. Jira concentrates on providing agile tools for teams using hybrid methodologies and frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

Jira helps teams stay on task by integrating features like version control and narrative points for Scrum sprint planning. Jira additionally streamlines daily Scrum meetings by enabling quick access to progress data via personalized dashboards. These reports cover various topics, including sprint reports and burndown charts.

Among other things, a built-in Kanban board, swimlanes, and limitations on work-in-progress are among the Kanban features for teams.

Azure Board

Microsoft, a leader in the business, is introducing Azure Boards to the project management market for consumers who already utilize Azure DevOps Services. Azure Boards is the best option for teams working on complicated software projects.

Scrum and Kanban are just two of the agile frameworks supported by Azure Boards. Users can find features like real-time reporting and customizable dashboards inside. Users using Azure Boards can keep track of issues, defects, story points, and other aspects of agile. Simple drag-and-drop functionality is available in Azure Boards for quick project updates.


A versatile and adaptable project management software, Smartsheet offers solutions for practically every sector. Thanks to the platform’s entirely customizable interface, teams can handle any project, regardless of complexity. It is an excellent option for agile teams with constantly changing needs simply because of its versatility.

Numerous project management tools are available in Smartsheet, including the ability to visualize projects using Gantt charts. Additionally, the program provides automation to simplify procedures, real-time reports to keep track of projects, and third-party interfaces to break through organizational silos.

Smartsheet is the world’s best project portfolio management tool, according to Gartner.


Agile project management technologies are primarily responsible for improvements in project management approaches.

Agile management solutions are widely used because of the method’s adaptability and increased productivity. Because of this, many new firms are joining this sector.