What Are The Latest Programmatic Advertising Trends

Programmatic advertising is an element of advertising technology. When it comes to online ads, programmatic advertising is essentially a way for marketers to use technology to automate procedures such as bidding, requesting, and negotiating. It enables marketers to fine-tune ad copy, target audiences and, ultimately, create a marketing strategy with specific KPIs and target audiences that will maximize the brand’s efforts across all marketing platforms.

Augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR), Machine Learning, and even virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri can provide marketers with much-needed data to provide a more personalized advertising experience.

This type of marketing can help you reach customers at every stage of the buying process, resulting in higher-value conversions. It’s no surprise that programmatic advertising accounts for more than half of marketers’ media budgets. It is a data-driven and cost-effective way to buy highly relevant audiences in large quantities. Today’s advertising landscape is the most efficient way to purchase digital ads and get them live. 

Key Programmatic Advertising Trends to Look Out for In 2022

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to buy advertising in real-time rather than going through human negotiations and pre-set prices.

Some of the critical programmatic trends of 2022 are as follows:

  • The Growth Of In-house Programmatic 

In-house programmatic is becoming more popular as more brands realize they need direct control over their campaigns. The relationship between a company and its media agency will be drastically altered due to this.

Various SaaS platforms are simple to use, low in cost, and allow you to manage your budget effectively. You can get the transparency in your spending that you were looking for with in-house programmatic while spending less money. The platform should also have ad fraud prevention to avoid unnecessary additional charges to your ad campaign.

  • The Re-emergence of Creativity

It’s easier said than done to predict the next programmatic advertising trends. In a world without third-party data, marketing teams will be able to work smarter. Experts in the field are also working in competitive environments where ad fatigue or ‘banner blindness’ is a factor. The solution for this is to reach your target audience, use creative and impactful advertising backed by powerful programmatic capabilities.

Programmatic advertising is an important part of using creative marketing to provide an inspiring experience for your audience. Programmatic tactics will help you reach your audience where they want to be found once you understand what they need from your brand to connect emotionally.

Many factors contribute to successful creative marketing, including:

  • Customer experience 
  • Content marketing 
  • Branding
  • Social media marketing 
  • Team management
  • Tech and tools 
  •  Connected TV (CTV) & Post-pandemic Programmatic Growth

TV viewing and online streaming increased dramatically during the pandemic’s peak in 2020. Nearly 40% of waking hours were spent in front of a screen, with people spending twice as much time per day watching streaming services as they did before the pandemic. As a result, CTV growth will be one of the most critical programmatic ad trends in 2022.

While this growth has occurred in a short time, there is still a lot of room for programmatic advertising to expand. The buying process, tactics, and measurement need to be reevaluated for this space.

Traditional TV advertising practices will not apply to CTV programmatic. Because of the increase in CTV access, television advertising will be reinvented, from planning to measurement and optimization. Because it is still in its infancy, advertisers who make the necessary adjustments and stay ahead of the curve will benefit.

  •  Next-level Campaign Management

Your marketing team’s ability to increase CTR and maximize ROI may be aided by using a powerful campaign management tool. This is unquestionably a key programmatic advertising trend. The ability to schedule ads, publish in real-time, and use live data feeds for critical dates in the calendar can make a huge difference in what you can accomplish.


With the depreciation of third-party cookies at the forefront, programmatic advertising is transforming. However, when the cookie’s slow death comes to an end, there will be effective alternatives to turn to.

For brand success in 2022, first-party data will be critical, and tapping into exciting segments like CTV and mobile gaming could be the key to programmatic marketing success. It will be vital to be creative, stay on top of programmatic ad trends, and make use of the power of a next-level innovative management platform.