Latest Trends in the Enterprise Application Industry

Enterprise application, EA is one of the most important platforms which every business should invest in. Enterprise application development is a process which creates unique, customized and complex systems that can assist in unifying the functionalities of different departments. It is developed for many users on a single platform  allowing enterprises to automate their business processes. Here are the latest trends in the enterprise application industry.

Machine learning:

Evans Data Corporation believes that the artificial intelligence and machine learning developers target mainly ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software industry. Many industry leaders are using these technologies for ERP systems where 40% of leaders are interested in using machine learning.

All enterprises need to get intelligent in this competitive world and start changing with the changing trends in the market. Enterprises are now seeking to utilize machine learning technology in their businesses more frequently. Machine learning helps you to understand the data faster and allows you to draw insights from the data that they don’t have. 

Enterprise productivity, time, and money are essential and costs when a system shuts down. Machine learning helps to store data and identify potential issues before shutting down and raises the red flags. You can use AI, which allows you to identify inefficient processes and analyze the causes and make the process flawless to curb costs and achieve a more dynamic functionality.

Voice assistance:

Everyone relies on voice assistants today. For instance, “Alexa, play an English song”, “Hey Siri, call XX”, “Ok Google, how’s the weather today?” These are some of the common voice searches we do these days. Voice searches not only used for simple mundane tasks, but it is also used by most of the enterprises for complex business searches. You can utilize voice assistants across numerous departments very effectively.

You can also increase employee productivity by performing practical tasks with the help of voice assistants. You can schedule meetings, create reminders, track the data, and send emails or phone calls.

 It also helps you to interact with a customer more efficiently and target retention by engaging customers in natural conversation. You can personalize the recommendations based on your customer inputs. It also helps you if there is a language gap with your customers, where chatbots translate the language and overcome the communication gap between you and your customers. 

Cloud-based ERP:

You can see how demand has increased for cloud-based ERP. It is due to the operational efficiencies that cloud offers. According to the recent search, the cloud-based market size has jumped to over $29 billion worldwide. There is a drastic increment in usage of SaaS applications in various industries. Also, it is predicted that 85% of the enterprises have implemented these applications and have already transferred to the cloud.


Do you remember that Facebook has revealed massive security flaws on its website that can impact millions of accounts? Based on the recent research data, more businesses infrastructure gets connected where cybercrime costs businesses more than $2 trillion in a year. As an enterprise you have to focus on cybersecurity where cybercrimes have become more frequent and cybercriminals shrewder.

It is very crucial to enhance security solutions for cloud-based enterprises. You can reduce the risks of being attacked by end-to-end encryption, vulnerability testing, deleting data, VPC and VPN. SaaS solutions also help you in significant reduction of investments.

Automation and artificial intelligence have a major role in cybersecurity. You can automate most of the cyber threats. So, use AI and automation to defend and defeat them and to manage the cyber-attacks.


Multinational enterprises often face some challenges in deploying branch office wide-area networking. Additionally, it becomes challenging to maintain exceptional experience for users keeping security in mind.

SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area networking) help you to provide more bandwidth, end-to-end encryption, and increased network speed. It’s the most crucial enterprise application development trend. SD-WAN influence the combination of public internet and private networks. That’s how it makes the network secure, incredible speed, reduction in latency between public cloud providers and private data centers. It also helps you with cost reduction.

 Final words:

You can see how vital machine learning and AI is in this competitive world. Latest trends in the enterprise application industry are cloud-based ERP, voice search, SD-WAN, and Enterprise security. These trends allow you to manage your work with new business models and offer growth opportunities that enterprises need to capitalize.