Marketing Automation

The realm of digital marketing changes every year. And, these changes are pretty notable during a specific year. 

Suppose you are a small business entity requiring constant updates on SEO, email marketing, and social media campaigns. In that case, you can always expect something new that could influence your digital marketing strategy

Before we move forward into trends of 2022, let’s take a quick recap of trends in 2021. 

In 2021, Google has made changes in its algorithm. It has released its core web vitals ranking factors, and they are being updated every month. 

With this update, the power of SEO passed into the hands of marketers and business owners. 

How to keep up with this recent trend? You will need to develop customer-centric content that suffices their core content requirements. Moreover, you will need to update your website to facilitate the best user experience. 

Top Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Following are the most crucial digital marketing trends for 2022. These trends will refine your approach to digital marketing. Thereby, you can make informed decisions regarding business technologies or other related requirements. 

1. Advanced use of AI in digital marketing 

Artificial Intelligence is proliferating in various sectors, including retail, healthcare, banking, and more. 

Marketing is no exception. AI is being used extensively for marketing purposes as well. 

Use cases of AI in digital marketing contain:

  • Suggesting keywords to optimize a business’ organic search ranking
  • Reporting on website traffic
  • Predicting what customers may buy in the future based on their browsing history

This implies that by 2022 it will be critical to incorporate AI in your marketing practices if you are aiming to achieve a high rank on popular search engines. 

AI is the future of digital marketing, and thus, businesses need to start opting for this technology as early as possible.

2. Chatbots and voice assistants

Digital assistants are quite popular today. Inputs drawn from industry projections have shown that by 2022, the market value of voice-assisted shopping will reach 40 billion. Moreover, consumer spending for voice assistants is estimated to reach 18%. 

Chatbots bring efficiency in managing customers’ inquiries on various platforms. Thus, many businesses have started opting for chatbots to automate and streamline their customer services.

Chatbot dialogue is facilitated through the power of AI. It offers the chatbot a real personality. Thus, customers can interact easily with companies and receive desired outcomes. 

Chatbots offer personalized communication that makes customers enjoy their conversations with your company. 

Looking at the growing popularity of chatbots, businesses must integrate chatbots into their digital marketing strategy. Thereby, they can boost customer interactions on the web. 

3. Mobile-first marketing 

As people these days prefer using smartphones instead of desktops, businesses need to optimize their website design and make their content mobile-friendly. 

Many businesses have already created a separate app with their company’s information. These apps are easily accessible on mobile phones and tablets. 

Thus, using a responsive design for a business’s website will be a crucial transition your business will make. Thereby, you make it easier for your customers to access your content from any device easily. 

You can consider opting for AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that enables content to load faster on smart devices. 

Thus, regard mobile-first marketing as one of the most critical trends for businesses in 2022. 

4. Multichannel marketing 

Earlier businesses had to depend on websites and cold-calling to connect and interact with their customers. Today with multichannel marketing, businesses can connect and build a strong association with their customers. 

Multichannel marketing involves connecting with customers through a blog, social media, website, webinars/conferences, and even a Whatsapp group. 

As a growing business entity, relying on a single channel is not sufficient. Therefore, create a solid customer base by opening your business over multiple channels of communication. 

5. Marketing automation tools 

With advancing technology, marketing automation tools are becoming more prominent. 

Marketers can save much of their time by implementing marketing automation tools at the workplace. These tools automate redundant tasks in real-time with the help of various marketing channels. 

Businesses can have more time to work on higher-level and strategic tasks if they opt for automation tools. 


This blog has outlined the top five digital marketing trends for 2022. Learn more about them to prepare your business well ahead of time. Thereby boost your decision-making. Now gear up and get ready.