What Are The Powerful Strategies To Deal With Workplace Bullying

What is a Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying refers to any kind of repeated and intentional behavior directed towards an employee which is directed to humiliate, embarrass, degrade, or otherwise undermine their performance. Employees tend to face bullying from their supervisors, colleagues, or management, and maybe a real and high problem for workers at the least levels.

However, it’s essential and important to determine and address workplace bullying behavior for a healthier and productive work environment.

Types Of Workplace Bullying 

Work stations tormenting can take a wide range of structures, such as harassment, constant criticism, and discrimination. These common actions at a workplace can lead to an employee feeling bullied and helpless at work.

In addition, there are a few other actions such as being left out of work meetings and social activities, being the target of jokes, facing constant teasing, and receiving excessive-performance monitoring compared to your colleagues. These actions can be harmful to an employee’s mental health. 

However, when frequent evaluation is followed for the criticism and continuous monitoring of an employee’s performance is done professionally, which is constructive and helpful for the betterment of the employee, these actions cannot be considered bullying. But behavior that is intimidating, targeted, or consistent is a real cause for concern.

When these types of actions are directed at the same person or people and form a pattern, they need to be addressed, and necessary action must be taken. 

Crucial Steps To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Work environment tormenting is frequently a huge issue that must be distinguished and tended to at the perfect opportunity before it hurts the peacefulness of the workplace.

Below are the subsequent steps and powerful strategies that help reform workplace bullying behavior:

Ø Identify Bullying Behaviour In Your Organization 

The first step towards intercept workplace bullying is to first identify such behavior in your organization. Some of the foremost common workplace bullying practices include name-defamation, making discourteous comments on few employees, shouting at an individual in front of colleagues, intentionally overloading an individual with work, and constantly excluding someone from workplace conversations or meetings, and making them feel unwelcome. 

It is, therefore, essential to first identify and recognize if any such behavior patterns are being followed in the organization. These types of actions can be more severe than a simple misunderstanding or personal disagreement.

Ø  Keep A Record Of Such Actions 

Bullying by someone is pretty much embarrassing and hard for a person to remember all incidents and happenings. However, it is essential to note down the details as these are important and helpful to report any form of bullying you face at the workplace. Therefore, anyone who suffers from such issues should ensure they keep a private record of these details when they feel they are repeatedly being treated in the wrong way. 

Some of the critical points of this record include:

l The date and time 

l Name of a person who is treating you badly 

l More details about their actions 

l Details of any person who might have witnessed this sort of behavior as a backup 

These are the most significant focuses that come helpful while announcing any kind of harassment in a work environment.

Ø Examine Your Workplace Bullying Policy

Every representative of each association must be mindful of the association’s legitimate arrangements against tormenting or badgering. This helps workers’ know the company’s policy, and whom to outreach to report such practices, and the further process to be followed. Have A Look At Your Workplace Bullying Policy

The strategy will likewise give you the point-by-point experiences of the precaution measures and tough activities taken by your organization against working environment tormenting.

Ø Try To Address The Bullying Behaviour 

Accusing a colleague or co-worker of bullying can be a big step. However, it is essential to understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute towards having a safer and healthier work environment. 

Therefore, the person who wants to report any such incident should first try talking to the person who is responsible for bullying. Confronting is considered a powerful strategy to stop such unacceptable behavior and explain how bullying is unfair or offensive.

However, If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable talking to this person, you can ask someone else from the team to try speaking to them and address this issue before taking the final decision of reporting their behavior to senior management.

Ø Take This Issue To Your Manager 

The last system that can be followed to handle work environment tormenting is to take this issue to the administrator or director. However, in few cases, the manager can be the one who is responsible for such behavior. In such a scenario, employees can consider taking their concerns to the HR department or straight to someone more senior than their manager. 

The HR department or higher-level management will then address the issue and take necessary action according to the organizational policies to ensure a healthier workplace environment.


Noticing working environment tormenting is massively disturbing for some people, who lose their psychological balance thus. Harassing at work makes representatives feel uncomfortable, unsatisfied with their positions and contrarily affects team productivity. Therefore, distinguishing and detailing any conduct that prompts untrustworthy treatment of representatives and worker disappointment is pivotal. 

To maintain a safer and healthier workplace environment, management should carefully monitor and resolve workplace bullying, as well as take strong disciplinary action against such behavior.