Artificial Intelligence

AI is the latest disruptive technology that will rule the next decade. Take a look around and you will see the application of AI everywhere. You will find artificial intelligence in the marketing sector, product development, mining industry, etc. Rather it can be said that without AI, the world would not move.

There is no doubt that AI has made our lives easier. However, there are the black holes of AI too. Here is a quick look at the two sides of the coin known as artificial intelligence.


  • Round the clock availability: Due to AI, interaction with many organizations through their sites became easier. The chatbots provide us with accurate information whenever and wherever we require. Hence, we do not have to wait to make decisions at certain times when there is an utmost necessity. 
  • Doing hazardous work: AI has replaced tedious human labour that is risky or hazardous enough to cause death for example mining or drilling work. Robots have replaced these work sectors, thereby, increasing work efficiency and saving human life as well. Nowadays, robots are being used to diffuse bombs as well. 
  • Reduces errors in applications: AI helps to reduce errors wherever it is implemented. Using AI in digital marketing is helping marketers to reach their target customers very easily. Thus, earning has become easier as they can now sit at home and with a single mouse click they can do a lot of things at one time. 


  • Automated weaponry: AI is something that humans create and thus can be used to kill humans too through autonomous weapons. AI only refers to logic that is fed to it. Once if it thinks something is not logical, it can lead to mass killing as the program has the permission to use the weapons in this case. 
  • Reduced privacy: Through AI, there is very little privacy now. The applications that we use continuously monitor our movements and yes feed them our private information, in turn, thinking that our life is made easy. Why do you think that you get customized results or suggestions? It is just that everything is tracked. 
  • Social manipulation: Social manipulation is high now with AI ruling the applications. Fake news is spread more than real news to manipulate people thus creating an uproar without any reason. And this is what some people are using to train the brains of people for their advantage. 

Hence, to conclude, these are a few of the gains as well as the risks of using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is extremely powerful and it must always be used carefully so that it remains as a boon to us rather than a curse. It has both the potential to build a better world for us or destroy it.