Types & Objectives of Advertising

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In the previous article, we have looked at the differences between online and offline advertising. Now, we will look into the different types of advertising through which we will understand the major objectives of advertising.

Before we look into the objectives of advertising, let us first define what advertising is.

What Exactly is the Definition of Advertising?

The action of calling public attention to a particular idea, service or a commodity through the help of paid announcements, especially with an identified sponsor.

It is simply a paid form of an impersonal presentation and promotion of goods, services, ideas done by a sponsor which is identified.

What are the Different Types of Advertising?

Advertising can simply be categorized into below the line, above the line and through the line as well, based on the level of penetration.  The different types of advertising are:

Above the Line Advertising:

These are the activities, which are usually non-targeted and also have a greater and wider reach. Some of the major examples of above the line advertising are radio, newspaper and TV advertisements.

Below the Line Advertising:

This includes activities which are conversion-focused, to direct towards a specific target group.

Through Line Advertising:

These types of activities can involve the use of both ATL & BTL advertising! You can direct these forms of advertising towards more brand building and conversions of targeted advertisement strategies.

On the basis of the advertisement used, there are five different types of ads based on specific advertising activities, which are:

  • Advertising through print: This form of advertising includes newspaper, magazines and brochure advertisements.
  • Advertising through broadcasts: The major advertising in this form are television and radio broadcasts.
  • Outdoor advertising: Outdoor advertising includes wraps, flags, banners and hoardings as well!
  • Digital advertising: The major advertisements can be displayed over the internet and digital devices.
  • Product or Brand integration: There are major product placements in the entertainment and media industry such as TV show, Youtube video etc.

What are the Different Objectives of Advertising?

  • To Inform:

This type of advertisements is useful in order to increase brand awareness and exposure, especially in the target market. By informing potential customers about the brand and it can help to attain business goals.

  • To Persuade:

You can persuade customers in performing tasks as being a major objective in advertising and involves buying or trying the different products and services offered.

  • To Remind:

Advertising also helps to reinforce the brand message and can also help to reassure existing as well as potential customers. Some of the major objectives that can be accomplished are:

  1. Building Brand
  2. Increasing Overall Sales
  3. Creating More Demand
  4. Higher Engagement
  5. Improving Customer Base
  6. Changing Attitudes of Customers

In conclusion, these are the different types and objectives of advertising. We hope you found this article informative, so leave a comment below with your viewpoint. Thanks for reading!