The best way to address people vastly will be a webinar or a podcast! Then what is your choice of preference Webinar or Podcast? It depends on what are we trying to convey to the audience. Will discuss the different aspects and angles of both the subjects to define what works the best for different uses.

Will Discuss the Difference Between Webinar And Podcast:

Let’s discuss the first Webinar! In generally webinars are used for the real-time conversation or in technical terms meetings conducted through the virtual medium of audience. Applications like ZOOM, Google meet Video conference mediums all are called as webinar meetings. These webinars are usually happening to address the people who are sitting in front of laptops or smartphones. For example, Educational institutions conduct webinar sessions to conduct online classes.

And now will go on to the Podcast. The Podcast is the digital audio file it can be access by the users through different mediums like iTunes or Google play, these files mostly freely available but some applications are offering in different terms for example Spotify. These files are accessed by millions of people all over the world; they are categorized in different forms like entertainment, education and knowledge, story-telling and other genres.

8 Reasons Why Webinar Is A Great Tool

Will see the main differences between Podcast and Webinar:

  • Webinars are usually multimedia; it means they comprise of audio and visual both, while Podcast contains only audio.
  • Webinars mostly happen in real-time as well we can record them too, but Podcast is all pre-recorded
  • As per the available information, mostly Podcast is free in Google Play and iTunes, but webinars tend to have a registration fee.

There is some podcast coming along with videos too, and there are webinars which will not be paid versions. So the differences may vary according to the need as well as time and depending upon the service.

Let’s Discuss In Detail About Pros And Cons Over Both Webinar & Podcasts:

Benefits of Webinar over Podcast:

Remember and respond to real things:

Most of the time when you see something then you can remember that for a long time, in the Podcast most of the things we need to visualize things that is why webinars are time-saving by showing the picture, videos, slides and many other things.

Webinars are better for academics, especially in this pandemic:

Yeah! Monitoring students is a tough job, especially in academics. It’sIt’s better to use Webinar in a real-time to teach students instead of Podcast. Webinars use sharing the screen in that way; the teaching will be creative and more interesting for the students.

Webinars allow more personal interactions:

We can control the audience when they are not interested, and we can change the Topic and crack a joke to motivate and accelerate people to come back to the normal. But in Podcast there will be only one-way traffic.

 Webinars are for Target people:

Yeah, most of the time whoever gets registered they can get access towards that webinar pop up, it will directly navigate who are relevant people to it not all people.

Cons of webinars over Podcasts:

  • It will take much time for conducting, and people must and should be available when it’s going live.
  • Webinars are not so polished, because the questions will come from the people are spontaneous for that they require information to process and examine it will take time. To give a lecture or seminar, the host should need to get up to date data for the frequency of his seminar, mostly webinars will lack this because of time. 
  • Suppose you observe webinars are having less number of audience comparatively Podcast. It’s because of the registration process, as well as video conferences, require some kind set up for people like having a laptop or phone with a camera.

Benefits of Podcasts over Webinar:

Podcasts accelerating leads:

Webinars are mostly forcible events where people sit without any interest too. Still, if we observe the statistics in the podcasts, there are many reasons for people to like and share, cause it’s reaching high numbers as well many people are coming voluntarily.

Podcasts welcome many people:

Yes! Podcasts are pre-recorded that’s the many people can access through internet or separate applications like iTunes, Google Play. So reaching high numbers is easy for podcasts because of its pre-recorded nature.

Direct marketing doesn’t require:

The Podcast doesn’t require marketing because of its pre-required nature of style. In Webinar, it is must and should because it runs in real-time. Podcasts are available as the stories in the sites whenever the audience wants to listen. But webinars are only for at a particular time.

Cons of Podcasts over Webinar:

  • Money making is hard for Podcast, but webinars will get paid for every session.
  • In Podcast, you can see the number of audiences who listened but not their satisfaction levels.
  • Podcasts lack in delivering the quality equally as webinars, for example, if there is a practical subject which should need to be visually depicted, but in Podcast it will be hard.

Dead end to the Topic:

If we observe there are equal advantages from both the end, it is each person’s perspective towards their choice and preference what they wanted to explore. For suppose, if a person driving a car, cannot be able to attend a webinar and the person who is sitting in the session, he cannot visualize things only on audio base. That is why Podcasts and Webinar have equal importance which is defined by the need and situation of the user.