What is a Company Culture Video and how to use it to capture your Customer's Interest

With most businesses switching to online, there has been a drastic rise in e-commerce over the past years, due to which many businesses started getting impersonal. People these days don’t know more about the brand or company from whom they are making purchases as everything has become online.

This is where company culture videos come in handy and become a go-to tool for businesses to reach out to customers and showcase their brand. Although there are many other popular forms of marketing videos, company culture videos are beneficial to evoke a sense of trust and gain empathy from the audience and customers.

Why businesses need a Company Culture Video?

As the name suggests, your company is a central element of a company culture video. This video acts as a company promotional video and reflects the company as a whole, including its ideals and people. 

The company video purpose is to showcase your company’s profile along with your brand, products and services and is one of the most effective ways to create the best impression about your business near clients and customers. 

A company culture video mainly consists of three concepts:

Vision– it shows the impact the company wants to make in the world or community. A company’s vision plays a crucial role in getting loyal customers.
Mission– it includes the reason why the company was established and guides the organization to make crucial business decisions. 
Values- they make up the moral guidelines for the company and are simple concepts.

Benefits of company culture video 

The benefits of your company promotional video will depend on the goal your organization is creating for the video to serve.

Some of the most common benefits include:
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building brand loyalty 
  • Improving recruitment results 
  • Expanding your audience 
  • Increasing team morale

The company video purpose for many businesses is to show people and potential customers who you are, what your brand stands for and is a more straightforward way compared to other mediums, which helps to communicate with your clients and customers about your culture directly.

Best ways to use company culture video to capture customer’s interest 

The following are a few best practices to capture customer’s interest in your company using company culture video:

Showcase your Personality 

One of the primary reasons for using a company promotional video is to show your personality and what the company stands for. It also aims to show the brand value and unique qualities of your company. 

However, businesses need to make sure it doesn’t look overly polished and reflect your brand’s real values. 

Be Real 

Honesty is one of the main qualities of a company culture video. Your company culture videos can also include your employee’s experience. However, owners need to ensure that they set the right tone for your particular business. It would be imperative to highlight the factors that make your business unique and appealing to attract potential customers.

Tell A Story 

A company culture video can be used to tell your company’s story, including what you want to do with your brand, why should people consider your brand, company’s goals and values.

Your brand story can also be included in your company promotional video which helps to bring your company closer to the audience and potential customers in an engaging way.

Don’t try to sell 

Since your company video purpose is to promote your company’s culture and people, you should ensure that it should not look like an advertisement. Although your products appear in the video, you should not add more information about your products or services. 

The ultimate purpose of these videos is to promote your culture, and it should be in such a way that it leaves people wanting to know more about your business. 


A company culture video is a great way to put forth the soul of your company and capture the interest of your customers. Businesses of all sizes can use company videos without budget or training. Therefore, organizations need to design the company promotional video to foster greater connection with customers and resonate with your specific target audience.