Automated storage solutions

Automation has altered the self-storage industry, reducing expenses for owners and enhancing client comfort. Although there should still be some connection between tenants and renters, automation adds sophistication that is increasing the allure of self-storage for people of all ages. 

Additionally, although automating a self-storage facility does require an upfront investment from the owners, the benefits can be very lucrative in the long term.

What Are Automated Storage Solutions?

Fully automated self-storage facilities effectively sell and reserve themselves. When inbound leads arrive on your website, an AI chatbot trained to answer questions about your self-storage services is ready to assist them. 

A cloud-based access control system can ensure the security of your fully automated, unmanned business by providing tenants with a security code as soon as they arrive at your location. Potential tenants can reserve different flats depending on availability when the chatbot has successfully converted. Automated facilities that are always accessible regardless of the time of day successfully give the 24/7 online experience that customers have come to expect across many businesses.

The NOKE Smart Entry system (NOKE, as in “no key”) is one example of the many other automated self-storage options available. With the help of this technology and similar Bluetooth electronic locks, and comprehensive access control systems, customers can access their self-storage facility and specific self-service storage unit from their smartphone. 

Customers may now access their apartments using their phones, which means lost keys and forgotten gate codes are a thing of the past.

Online apps are just one example of helpful automation technology for self-storage businesses. In addition to letting users pay bills, examine move-in and move-out dates, report problems with photos, and view a live feed of their apartments, these applications can give owners valuable customer data.

Benefits Of Self-storage Automation

The following are some of the benefits of a fully automated self-storage facility:

Operators Can Cut Back On Call Centre Expenses

Operators are beginning to recognize the potential of AI-driven technology that can replace call centers at a reasonable cost. For instance, the cost of staffing call centers may limit growth and cause operational bottlenecks. You may start reducing costs if you have suitable systems to meet client expectations satisfactorily.

Operators must balance the business’s administrative demands with the need to respond rapidly to new leads and close deals. 40% of calls to storage facilities go unanswered, according to research. As a result, many prospective renters choose to conduct business elsewhere.

Better Customer Service May Be Advantageous To Renters

In our on-demand society, people are accustomed to receiving prompt customer service. The self-storage industry is not an exception. More and more tenants want immediate solutions to their issues and queries. Service providers must pick up the pace and quickly address customer needs, from information requests to purchase requests.

With automated self-service solutions, potential and present clients have immediate access to all the information they need. No one wants to be kept in the dark about information. Artificial Intelligence can respond to any question in a matter of seconds. In contrast, to call centers, AI is infinitely scalable.

Variable Rate Management May Be Advantageous To Operators

An automated sales flow will increase the profits for self-storage facility operators. They can do this by deploying variable rate management solutions designed to change facility costs based on various factors automatically.

For instance, you can use occupancy triggers to alter the rates and display dynamic promotions to clients who are prepared to book a unit. By using the right tools and procedures, operators can respond to supply and demand.

Renters Can Make Reservations Using Self-Service

A robust website is a requirement for automated self-storage businesses. With only a few clicks, renters should be able to make reservations and start using the service right away.

When self-storage providers only accept walk-in or call-in reservations, prospective tenants who learn about the facilities online are turned away.

Renters Can Access Cloud Access Control Systems

Access control is essential for maintaining the smooth operation of tenants’ experiences and the security of an operator’s unmanned storage facility. Operators with access to a cloud access control mechanism can address the unique needs of renters. After they sign a digital lease, the system will text the renters a gate code.


Software innovations are radically changing the self-storage sector. AI technologies can potentially eliminate operational inefficiencies and drastically streamline customer service when implemented appropriately. 

If your existing business model is not scalable, a suitable software solution will enable you to lower team expectations and get closer to running a fully autonomous facility.