marketing calendar

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In the previous article, we took a look at the importance of a marketing calendar and now we shall discuss what a marketing calendar is and how you can utilise it for your business.

Marketing calendars are an essential part of your marketing plan and different marketing tasks are included in this calendar such as flyers, brochures, radio and TV campaigns, phone calls, emails and other networking techniques.

A calendar is an essential component of a successful marketing plan and it is an in-depth 12-month description of what you plan to do as an entrepreneur. The marketing calendar is a road map for different marketing activities during a period of time.

How to get started with your marketing calendar?

Your calendars are a part of a dynamic, living document which will change over a duration or a period of time. So, you must be wondering how to get started while developing your marketing calendar which must set out to answer a set of questions.

  • How to market your products and services?
  • Who to market your products to?
  • How much it would cost?
  • When you would market the products?
  • How many potential customers you can reach?
  • What the results or reach your customers can reach by marketing specifically?

One of the best ways to make your marketing calendar is by creating a table in MS Excel or Word.

What should you include in your marketing calendar?

Marketing calendars can break down over the course of a few months or weeks and some of the major elements that you can include in your marketing calendar are:

  • Different marketing and promotional activities.
  • Finding the target market.
  • Knowing the marketing costs.
  • Finding out the date of your marketing campaigns.
  • Figuring out the number of potential customers.
  • Collecting the results.

What are some well-known benefits of your marketing calendar?

The importance of creating your marketing calendar can lead to some benefits which are:

  • Measuring the market effort for a specific period of time:

With the help of a marketing calendar, you can measure your marketing strategies in attracting new customers. You must figure out what the prospects are of transforming into real buyers or customers.

  • Tracking marketing costs related to your marketing efforts:

You must also figure out the costs of marketing activity and how to use your marketing calendar more effectively. You would not be able to manage your marketing efforts more effectively and can also help you to set a marketing budget.

By measuring your marketing in terms of money or results, you can know more about your progress and results for calculating ratios.

  • Improving your marketing efforts:

You must be able to always keep improving your marketing efforts and the best way to do this is by measuring your marketing efforts. Marketing calendars are great for your company’s marketing efforts. The results that you hope to accomplish should be such that you are more focused on marketing activities throughout the year.

Marketing calendars are great for helping you to chart your company’s marketing efforts!

  • Staying focused:

It is important to stay focused while making your marketing calendar, as it is very to get distracted while creating a marketing calendar of your own. In conclusion, this was a short brief on what a marketing calendar is and what are the best ways to utilize it. In the next article, we will be looking into planning a marketing calendar, which definitely works.