Know Big Data Analytics Role for IoT

The term Big Data refers to huge volumes of data in structured, unstructured, and semi-structured forms, and its role in shaping the Internet of Things (IoT) is huge. 

Before discovering Big Data Analytics’ role in IoT devices, let us briefly know about IoT.


IoT is the complete network of physical objects integrated with sensors, technologies, and other software to communicate and exchange information with other devices through the internet. Consequently, people will lead easy and smart life. 

Significantly, industries can trace the functioning of the workflow efficiently with IoT technology. In particular, one can identify what works fine and what does not concerning the various collective and individual operations within an organization.

Physical devices have turned smart with the integration of the latest digital techniques. Thereby, human work has reduced, the quality of work has improved, and productivity has increased enormously. 

Some of the significant advantages of IoT devices include the following:

  • Quality customer experience 
  • Saves time, effort, and money
  • Generate more ROI
  • Enhances business decisions
  • Increases productivity
  • Implement effective business standards and methods

Further, let us understand the connection between Big Data and IoT and how they work together. 

  • Organizations use sensor-based devices to gather, assess and transform the data
  • AI-powered analytics generated reports, charts, etc., clearly helps to understand information
  • Devices generate metrics that give the necessary information to the data lake. Here the data lake refers to the enormous amount of data stored in the repository.

Moving ahead, we will study Big Data analytics’s role in IoT. 

Smart devices constitute IoT, and these devices generate vast volumes of data that need to be stored, analyzed, and processed. Here is where Big Data analytics comes into action, whose role is key in making effective decisions.

The vast volume of data that is collected undergoes Big Data processing. Below stated are some of the key steps:

  • The Big Data collected is dependent on three V’s, namely volume, velocity, and variety
  • A Big Data system is a shared and distributed database. Thus, tremendous data is placed in Big Data files. 
  • Advanced analytic tools such as Hadoop and Spark will examine and interpret the data correctly to make timely decisions.

Significant challenges of IoT with Big Data Analytics:

Storage and management

An enormous amount of data is built with internet-equipped devices, while Big Data’s storage capacity is limited. Hence, the challenge lies in handling huge volumes sets of data. Therefore, rich frameworks have to be developed to face the challenge. 

Data visualization 

Representing the data as visuals lies as a greater challenge, as the generated data is not uniform and comes as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. For this, it is necessary to prepare data to have good visuals. 


Any organization is concerned about information security. As the IoT devices are internet-connected, there is every chance the system will be hacked. This leads to the leakage of users’ personal information. Hence required security standards have to be adopted. 

 Power interruptions

IoT operations require an uninterrupted power supply for efficient operations. However, the challenge lies in the limited storage capacity, speed, and memory of these devices. So lies the need to deploy light-weighted processes. 


We saw Big Data’s role in the IoT system. Indeed, Big Data technology enables the successful functioning of IoT systems. Notably, the security of these devices is worth implementing. 

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