What is Social Media Advertising?

To gain sales and create profits, one must seek ways to grab user applause and attention significantly. Businesses invest time, money, and efforts to strategize and implement ideas. Any marketing team solely focuses on such details. Due to the growth in digitalization, online marketing has been in wide usage. And various platforms support the ideas. 

Digital marketing has taken various shapes to gain an online reputation. Blogs, articles, and websites act as promotional activities and are also bare essentials conveying some valuable information to the users. These sources give space to ads intending to entice the user to click on them. Also, ads gain attention by effectively implementing SEO strategies to list any organization’s web pages at the top. 

Building ads is also a promotional activity. Leveraging them and knowing how and when to publish them can attract people. Before going into the details, let us gain a brief idea about Social Media.

Social Media platform best serves to stay connected with family, friends, share ideas and information. Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the famous social media platforms. As most people use those platforms, advertising can be best executed through them.

Social Media advertising

How can Social Media advertising be executed? We watch advertisements on televisions, street displays and in the form of pamphlets. At the base, what lies significantly is the content, and what makes the difference is its presentation. Graphics, images, GIF’s advertisements shower extra grace. While building any ads taking care to follow the below tips can impress the user. 

  • Captivating taglines
  • Visually apparent and appealing headings must be stated to promote a product, service or announce a webinar or a video conference. 
  • Animation catch attention
  • GIFs are, of course, lively
  • Promote a social cause

Facebook advertising

So, before choosing to advertise on Facebook, one to set an objective. L Business objectives vary. It could enhance website traffic or create brand awareness. 

  • After selecting an objective, the next step includes choosing the audience. Setting details such as the user interest, expectations, and location help to create an effective ad.
  • Come up with budget constraints.
  • Choose an ad format. It could be a carousel. GIF, short video, slide show, simple image or a short story. 
  • Now it is time to execute the ad.
  • Lastly, assess how the ads are working. Which of them are gaining huge responses and those which are not up to mark. Thereby incorporate necessary changes. 

Facebook advertising can take various forms. Brief points of each type are stated below;

Carousel: Ten different products or features can be listed using the ten cards of a carousel. This way, broad aspects of any business features can be covered using a carousel. 

GIF: It is a short video that keeps repeating multiple times. However, it is effective and engaging. 

Slideshow: Slideshows build user engagement as each slide designed innovatively must create interest to cover all the slides. 

Simple image: A simple image has its importance. It cannot be considered insignificant. The image chosen must reflect the business ideas. An effective caption or a tagline of the slide must be compelling.

Short story: An appealing short story can be generated reflecting the business brand. And the story can include a short photo session of any product or service depicting its features and functionalities.

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Creativity can be best applied using the tool. Add or modify images and videos according to your choice and make them appealing and creative. 


Chances are more likely to get attracted to any ad if it is designed attractively. Consequently, people tend to makes sales and contribute to business profits.

Social Media posting is one of the best means to reach out to users. Gain the best with ONPASSIVE’s O-Dit