Small business

What’s the optimum time that you are expected to spend on your business? Or, is there any specific time window that you have to work within to achieve your business goals? These are a few of the common questions that people often get stuck with. The answer to these questions is really up to you. Some business owners think that they spend all of their time on it once they start their business. This simply is not true. In fact, you can spend as much time as you like to build your business and make it grow. 

Let’s discover the realistic answer to these questions in this blog. 

Productivity factor

First of all, there is a common misconception about the relationship between time and productivity. More often, the longer you work on something, your productivity and probability of succeeding are regarded as high. However, the opposite is proved true. Some people spend 6 hours finishing a specific task with average efficiency, while others work for 25 minutes intensely with great efficiency. 

Thus, it is important to understand that productivity is not about how much time you spend finishing a task. It is about how efficiently you finish it in the least time possible.

Time constraints 

The optimum time you should spend on your business really depends on your situation. The unique circumstances people face regularly dictate the time, and that’s how not everybody can spend a similar amount of time on their business. 

However, you need be mindful of the time that your spending on specific business activity. For example, if you are just starting a small business or making a small purchase, you should be spending 45 minutes a day on your business. This is the same rule for any small business that you own.

Individual learning capacity 

Each of us has an individual learning capacity. While some of us can read a couple of articles and feel ready, others might need more resources and external assistance to really grasp a new concept. These different learning capacities require different amounts of time.

Guidelines to make optimum utilization of time to spend on your business

Following are a few guidelines that help you make optimum utilization of time to spend on your business: 

1. Set reasonable goals 

This one is critical. While having big aspirations is harmless, you will need to have a practical outlook for your business goals. That way, you won’t stress out yourself with overworking and save time for your personal life. 

2. Planning 

Planning out how much time you should spend on your business will allow you to make smart choices. You may find that you need to spend more time at home while your business takes off. When you plan your time away from your business, you will be in control and know exactly how much time you will need to get away from your work.

3. Be consistent with your effort 

Consistency allows you to save a lot of your effort and time. Plan your work routine and stick to it. Eventually, you will find yourself excelling efficiently in your work. That’s the power of consistency. 

4. Diversify and balance your activities

The business activities you undertake regularly should be well-rounded and balanced. For instance, while you stay connected with your clients for referrals and cross-selling, it is equally essential that you keep in touch with your non-client referral sources. This way, you can diversify and balance your activities and achieve more in less time. 


Ultimately, there is no one secret formula to make entrepreneurship work, and there is no specific amount of time that you will need to spend on our business. It depends upon several factors. Thus, instead of assigning a certain amount of time, one should think about making most of the time available to them. Moreover, retrospect on factors that matter to you and your business. Also, it is essential to show readiness for making a few compromises as and when required. That’s how you can make optimum use of time to spend on your business and achieve desired outcomes.