What is the Role of Animated Explainer Videos in Marketing

Marketing in today’s world is revolving around global evolution and upcoming trends while markets are crowded with similar products. With the evolution of digital marketing, companies are trying to pitch their products and services to the audience directly. 

Businesses are turning their own products and services into powerful tools and are looking for their own ways to tell their brand’s story to the audience and are aiming to deliver high value to the global community.

There is an increasing need for brands to develop a strong relationship with the consumers to dominate the market and gain a competitive advantage. Building an emotional connection with the target audience helps establish a long term relationship with customers and helps companies increase customer acquisition.

Marketers come with various unique ways and strategies to promote their products and services and stay ahead in this competitive environment. However, animated explainer videos are considered the most powerful tools which influence both the audio and visual aspects of product marketing in the current market scenario.

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos in Sales and Marketing

Many marketers are utilizing the power of animated explainer videos in their product marketing strategy. 

The following are few benefits of integrating animated explainer videos into product marketing strategy:

Increase Customer Loyalty 

The top goal for brands in the current pandemic situation is to gain customer loyalty. The lockdown situations have left businesses with various challenges, and companies need to focus on maintaining and increasing customer loyalty to stay on top, especially during this crisis.

Using animated explainer videos helps maximize the pitching of your brand ideas to potential customers, and including animation elements can be relevant to present generation customer minds regardless of the industry. 

 Showcase the Product Features Creatively 

Animated explainer videos provide marketers with opportunities to advertise products or services more engagingly and introduce products or services to the customers in an unexpected fun context and combine visual effects, unique backgrounds and amaze customers with the brand’s creativity.

These videos enable marketers to explain and demonstrate product features, benefits of the products and help communicate the brand value to the audience consistently. Product information can be structured in a most efficient manner and provide customers with entertaining piece of content. 

 Communicate Complex Business Concepts Effectively

Animated explainer videos are the most effective means to deliver information to the product end-users. Marketers can break complicated concepts into short scenes with the help of animation and present them to users in easy to digest manner.

Visual support combined with audio explanation delivers the message more effectively along with the product description. Therefore, explainer videos can be considered as the best option for marketers to communicate complex business concepts to the audience effectively. 

 Create a Powerful Brand Voice 

Many prominent brands are using the design elements of the brand identity in animated explainer videos for their business. This helps increase brand awareness and emphasize their brand voice. 

Marketers can use elements such as logos, brand colours, marketing messages, mascots, brand jingles and more in their explainer videos to create a powerful brand voice to stand out from competitors.

 Stand out With Creative Content 

Animation is undoubtedly a creative type of content by its origin, and many marketers are using the power of animation in their marketing and advertising strategies with its growing popularity. 

People come across live motion video ads, image ads, or carousel ads on various platforms more often. To stand out in today’s competitive business environment, brands are coming with custom-created animated commercials to communicate their brand message and grab the attention of the audience. 

 Increase Audience Engagement

The manifestation of creativity with animated explainer videos evokes a sense of nostalgia in the audience and encourages a more significant engagement level. The more creative the animation, the greater the audience engagement with the commercial or video. 

However, marketers need to provide valuable and informative content and create an emotional connection with the audience. It is the responsibility of the marketers to provide potential customers with good content to gain their trust and increase the audience engagement level with their brand. 


Animated explainer videos are currently the most trending and powerful forms of marketing products and services to potential customers. Therefore, brands need to integrate these videos in their marketing and advertising strategies and utilize the power of animation to communicate the brand message to the customers as they are more desired and relevant means of pitching brand ideas in today’s competitive market environment.