What is the aRole of Good Design in Boosting your Brand Image

“Good design matters whether your company focuses on physical goods, digital products, services, or some combination of these.”-McKinsey, 2018. 

A recent study conducted by McKinsey has revealed that some of the popular design-driven companies have outperformed in the last decade. It’s indeed quite apparent that all the branding efforts executed by an organization have a designing process at the core of it. Good designs not only create an impression about the brand, they also strengthen visual communication. Thereby, improves the overall health of an organization. 

Benefits of Good Design in Branding

The role of effective communication is very crucial in operating businesses successfully. Whether you are communicating with your employees or customers, how you communicate and not just, what you communicate has a great deal of importance. Visual communication, moreover, plays a significant role in your branding strategy. The designs you create should capture a viewer’s brain; convey a message with efficacy and impact.

Following are few design benefits:

1. Make the content more appealing

Visual elements such as color and shape have the capability of stimulating the visual cortex. Viewers feel compelled to interact with the content that is visually more appealing. By applying the right design principles, you ensure- 

  • Differentiating your content from the rest. 
  • Capturing the viewer’s attention.
  • Making your content more pleasant to consume.

2. Form a deeper relationship with potential customers

A well-designed content draws customer attention and enable them to engage with it quickly and easily. It helps customers recall information later. 

With good design, you make sure that you provide valuable information without losing it in bland spreadsheets or heavy reports. Moreover, you save viewer’s time and effort in understanding the content by providing it in an easily digestible format. All these elements help you build a more profound and meaningful relationship with your potential customers.

3. Maintain brand reputation

Good designs hold the power of facilitating strong visual communication. While poor designs with misaligned formatting and pixelated images can embarrass your brand reputation, good designs help you maintain it by-

  • Offering a consistent brand experience.
  • Strengthening your brand story.
  • Maintaining your brand integrity. 

Good designs add up value to your content. Thereby help you create the magic with what you offer to the viewers.

Ways to improve communication at every level across your organization

While designing is a skilful task, you can empower everyone in your organization to inculcate design thinking into their regular work. Following are the ways in which you can offer design solutions to improve communication at every level across your organization: 

a) Analyze your current efforts

In order to create an impact through your content, you need to be mindful of all your designing efforts. For example, consider asking yourself, what key message do you feel needed to be conveyed more effectively? Or what are the most complex and redundant presentations and reports you create? Get insight into such questions to know the factors that influence the decision-making process of your organization. Then, customize your efforts accordingly to benefit from the visual treatment in the most effective way. 

b) Establish a uniform visual identity

Whether you apply designing principles internally or externally, make sure that, you offer consistency with your brand’s presence across all touchpoints. For that, you need to develop strong guidelines so that your content creators follow and execute them aptly. This will help you build a visual identity that is unique and uniform throughout your branding strategy.  

c) Empower your team

You might have a dedicated team that strives to build and maintain a strong brand identity. However, it is not compulsory to have a huge internal design team to establish effective visual communication. All you can do is empower your team by providing basic design principles and refresher tutorials that help them produce content that is more effective. Thereby, help them save their time and efforts and focus on the core creative process.

d) Streamline your content creation process

If your team is making a lot of efforts in creating a solid brand identity, how can you ease down the entire content creation process?

Develop a seamless process. Provide your team with assets that are easy to access, offer them essential templates, and utilize checklists to make the entire process less stressful so that you can effortlessly create branded visual content.  

Wrap Up

Designing is an essential part of all your marketing efforts. If you develop good designs keeping all key points in mind, you will soon develop a desirable brand identity. Thus, embrace the creative landscapes of the designing process to acquire a unique identity for your brand. Thereby, realize success beyond your imaginations.