Marketing is a very vast topic to discuss as its strategy includes many ideas and implementations. Each of these has its purpose of fulfilling the businesses marketing needs. Ultimately what comes as the outcome is the growth in sales, business reputation and brand image.

Performance marketing seems to be a less listened word in the marketing field. However, it has its role of impacting businesses. Let us initially start with a brief introduction of performance marketing and later go ahead with the details. 

What is Performance Marketing?

Advertisements are an act of promoting business products or services. For this, a platform is essential for execution. Interested users click the advertisements to know the details. 

Performance marketing is about analyzing how the ads are bringing out results. The status of the click varies according to various users. For some, it could be a simple click. Some would go ahead to become a lead, and the other users might generate sales.

Naturally, advertisers have to pay the platforms or source enabling advertising. Don’t you think it costs them a lot to pay for the advertisements even though they have not resulted in clicks? Here comes the role of performance marketing wherein only specific clicks need to be paid. 

Having gained knowledge about performance marketing, let us know what affiliate marketing is and what affiliate managers are?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one effective businesses technology that generates revenue in the form of commissions. It is a subset of performance marketing and is a means to earn commissions for promoting any business products or services, and note that the payment is made if the specific promotion leads to sales. 

Some of the critical roles of affiliate marketing include the following:

Merchant: Refers to an individual who is the creator of any product or service and seeks to promote them on a suitable platform. 

Affiliate: Affiliates, also known as publishers, are referred to individuals or businesses to promote merchant products or services. They incorporate various ideas and techniques to influence the users to make sales, and each time the promotion turns into sales, affiliates generate revenue. 

Consumers: Having understood the relationship between the merchant and Affiliate. The third significant character is the consumer, with whom nothing results. What if the promotion has not led to sales? Consequently, revenue and commission are not generated. In contrast, revenue flows with sales creation.

The next important topic for us to know is about affiliate managers. Who are Affiliate managers? And what is their role in affiliate marketing?

Role of Affiliate managers

Affiliate managers work on behalf of the merchant to manage affiliates. Also, they solve affiliate queries and supports them with any required information. Moreover, their significant role includes implementing the best strategies using the latest businesses technologies to build sales in view of customer’s interests and requirements.

The role of Affiliate managers is significant for merchants as they hire eligible affiliates, suggest various promotional campaigns, submit affiliate marketing reports to the advertiser/merchants and check for the timely payment of invoices and commissions. 


Quality products always gain user attention. One best option for businesses to reach globally within a short span is affiliate marketing. Choosing the right platforms best serves the purpose. At the same time, the right Affiliate managers can contribute to an organizations growth in sales.