AWS Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been the hidden technology of the past. But now, we are experiencing the dramatic changes created by cloud technology in our lives, whether it is business or personal.

In tune with this,  cloud computing skills are sought by many businesses. Thus, the need for cloud computing skilled professionals is very high. Initially, let us know about Amazon web services.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon provides secure cloud services known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS cloud is designed to provide some significant infrastructure services, including data storage, databases, networking and computing power, which help businesses thrive. Significantly, Amazon services are generated on-demand with a prepaid service.

The basic essentials of cloud computing include the following :

People thriving to make a successful career in cloud computing might be bothered about what skill set to gain. Cloud computing is a broad term and includes many various concepts of IT. Here we will deal with Infrastructure as a Service, and AWS belong to such category.

Operating system knowledge :

One should acquire basic knowledge about the operating system such as Windows and Linux.   Many organizations are working with web applications. Thus, Linux operating system is sought after by many. Preferably, Linux is also chosen for  Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. One can gain knowledge of  Linux by going through the basic courses online.

Virtualization knowledge:

The next thing post gaining the operating system knowledge is to gain virtualization technology that executes multiple operating systems in a single physical machine. Each of the virtual machines runs its own operating system with its specific disk space, CPU and RAM. Moreover, these virtual machines share the same network equipment and hardware but are separated from each other virtually.

Networking knowledge:

All the cloud operations include networking. So, what you need to know is how the IP addresses work and gain knowledge about private and public networks. Excelling in networking would not be an easy task as the skill sets demands some reasonable time to be spent.

How do private and public cloud computing differ?

Public cloud: Allows data storage of various cloud resources and virtual machines through a publicly accessible cloud infrastructure. The payment model adopted by the cloud services is pay per use.

Private cloud: The key difference between the public and private cloud is that it is restricted to a single enterprise without any public access. In other words, the organization has its own private data centre enjoying the full benefits of cloud computing.

Good coding knowledge is preferred. However,  it is not mandatory for an AWS platform as it has API sets to automate the process. Moreover, the platform incorporates more such features that can be understood by the non-programmer also.

Cloud computing necessities :

  1. Go through cloud computing courses, and start using cloud computing software. You need not have any coding experience.
  • Cloud computing can only be for developers and techies is a false notion. Anyone interested can learn it. Managers, developers, marketing teams or system administrators could be among them. However, the learning approach might vary according to the defined roles.
  • Work experience in the IT sector is not mandatory in the AWS sector. Even a fresher can start if interested.

Conclusion :

Cloud computing services are experiencing an exponential rise. Thus the need for more cloud computing professionals is increasing, and there are fewer chances that it will come down in the coming years. So, the best way to gain expertise in cloud computing is to take up some courses and go through the practicals to have a live experience.

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