Biswajit Sarkar – ONPASSIVE

Good morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening, everyone

I joined ONPASSIVE 05 September 2020!

What made me join ONPASSIVE? I joined sales in 1989 October in a marketing division called Market Link in an advertising company called Lintas India Ltd in New Delhi, India. There we used to do bulk postal mailing and market research, and we used to get a good response from consumers. That strike my mind that the same thing will be done here through artificial intelligence, and it will give us massive sales and passive income plus an international platform to come to know people around the world! So I registered immediately with ONPASSIVE and, after some days, greened my ID. And started building a team and mentor them regularly. It is my journey with ONPASSIVE, about one year, one month, two days! Thank You, Have a nice day!