Importance of Vanity URL - O-trim

What is the primary thing a marketer must keep in mind while using a URL? Use it to boost online engagement, increase brand awareness, or optimize the cross-channel user experience. What if you know that all of this is possible with a vanity URL? Creating a strong vanity URL is one of the best practices to encourage customers to engage with your digital content. 

Vanity URLs help your overall brand strategy and fit into the marketing framework to reach your audience. Vanity URLs also honor the scarce attention of your audience. They make your audience act quicker and better with less attention span. 

What is a Vanity URL?

A vanity URL is a short version of a longer, more complex link. A vanity URL has a proper description to it that lets the user know exactly where it will take them. These URLs are unique and memorable, and you can think of them as branded web addresses that are created for marketing initiatives in order to promote a product. Experts believe that vanity URLs can increase the success rate of a marketing campaign by up to 35%. Therefore, implementing a vanity URL is one of the best practices that can go a long way to ensure your future marketing success. 

Using vanity URLs on social media and emails will look more appealing to the users. Vanity URLs look better in printed material as well. The primary function of a vanity URL is to use plain text keywords to help the audience remember the online location of the content. Vanity URLs are also sometimes known as vanity, branded, custom, personalized, or customized URLs. 

What makes a good vanity URL?

  • Being short and simple

Vanity URLs are concise and clean, which helps them display on the screen and get the audience’s attention. Ensure that the URL has descriptive words encouraging users to click on them. 

  • Avoid dashes 

While creating a vanity URL, avoid inserting any dashes or hyphens and make it simpler. Dashes are distractions, and the users might not remember such intricate details. Creating a URL without random numbers, dashes, and a hyphen is better.

  • Use it when required

It is essential to create a vanity URL by understanding your business strategy. Create them only if you gain meaningful benefits from them. If your brand’s original link works fine, then it is no need to play with it. 

  • Integrate it into the SEO strategy

If you can combine your vanity URL with your SEO strategy, then you can strike gold in your business. The best way is to search for relevant keywords that define the right content. Ensure that your vanity URL complements your marketing and SEO strategy. 

  • Capitalize the right word

Keep in mind that the first letter of each word in the URL is capitalized. This will make it easy to associate, and the users will be able to remember it. For instance, instead of writing, you must write 

What is OTRIM used for?

With ONPASSIVE’s OTRIM, you may shorten and modify your URL. This feature will help your link be more relevant to your business. Comparing click-through rates is simpler when different links are used in multiple social media postings. OTRIM will help your connection become more business-oriented.

When giving a presentation or sending something to a business conference, you may also use OTRIM to establish your own URL, which you can then upload and share using PowerPoint presentations. It enables the delegates to draw the connection between your organization and your objective.

There are many URL shorteners that give you branded names of your choice. While most of those shorteners are paid, OTRIM is free and easy to use. Help your business thrive and give it the necessary boost it needs by registering to ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.

Final Thought

The one thing that will make you stand out from the competition is your unique custom user names. Social media platforms enable many celebrities and brands to create vanity URLs. A customized URL always makes a brand appear unique and exceptional. It also helps others to share and remember the URL. On many other platforms, vanity URLs allow for faster brand recognition. 

With OTRIM, you can customize your link and make it extraordinary by selecting a name that your brand compliments. The short link will make it shareable and easy to be identified by the customers. 

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