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In the previous articles, we have discussed the different stages of a sales funnel such as awareness and interest. In this article, we will be looking into the consideration aspect of the sales funnel.

Consideration is the natural next step in the sales funnel and you must know about the solutions to problems which your prospects may be facing. When your prospects know the problem and understand the solution to their problem, they will be actively looking for solutions as well.

Even though your customers may understand how you can provide solutions to certain problems of your customers, it does not guarantee whether they will opt-in for your solutions.

A great example is if you understand everything about Apple computers, it does not mean that you would go out of your way to buy an Apple computer. The main purpose or mission is to convince your customers whether you are the right person, product or company for the job.

Here are a few ways you can use consideration in your sales funnel, which are:

  • Helping potential customers to discover and choose you:

As a business, it is quite unlikely that you are the only business providing a single unique product or service.

In case you are a business which provides a unique selling proposition with the help of a product or service, will make your business more unique. Data is primarily used in helping to cement the idea of having a vast database.

SEO metrics are a great way of showing whether the data and metrics are accurate.

  • Dominating SERPs with modifier keywords:

A good strategy for any business to consider is to try and dominate the search engine results page for certain search queries and using modifier terms such as “top”, “best” and “vs”.

Potential customers will most likely do searches comparing your business with competitors, which can help you understand and influence the decisions of your customers better.

Rather than making comparison articles, you can produce blog posts which talk about unique features. This can help to demonstrate the difference in the competition.

  • Making a nurture sequence to convert customers easier:

A nurture sequence is great for customers who are following you but are still not buying. A series can be helpful in explaining how your business is different.

This is why a nurture sequence can be helpful as a guiding narrative in creating elements of a sequence and they are usually separate elements. In conclusion, this is the major role of how consideration plays a major role in the sales funnel.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding how consideration plays an important role. Thanks for reading!