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In this age of technology, every business is sharing hundreds of links on a regular basis. Many marketers may think that generic short URLs are just fine; others believe that they are a thing of the past and that one must move forward without them. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to advertise your business and promote your products by sharing links.

The best way to improve your business promotions is to use branded links. A URL shortener is an excellent tool for creating branded links for your company. It is one of the marketing tactics that many small and large-scale businesses are utilizing. Let us delve a little deeper into this blog and find out why branded links are better than short links.

What are Branded Links?

As the name suggests, branded links are URLs that bear the name of the person, company, or brand. They induce branding and are mostly short in length. Such links boost awareness and brand recognition, raising the brand’s growth and gaining more customers.

While you are sharing links on social media or through your emails and messages, the branded links build your brand and allow you to highlight your company’s name along with its products. Take advantage of the chance on your business’s massive marketing and branding success by not opting for branded links.

What are Short Links?

Short links are created by URL trimmers where the tool shortens a long link so that it is easier for the business to use it on various platforms, especially on those where there are character limits. Short links are also good to remember; they look better than any long link with haphazard numerals and letters locked together.

Many URL shorteners use the same domain name while trimming a long link. They also have URL slugs made up of random numbers and letters. This way, the web sometimes needs to learn to tell the destination URL, which is why short links can not always be trusted. Many people also think hackers or spammers create it. Although, creating generic short links can become a problem for a company.

Branded links vs. Short links

The primary aim of a branded link is to keep your brand out in the front and highlight your company. When people view a branded link, they associate credibility and trust with the link. It is better to have a custom domain name for your link to make it more trustworthy.

You must have noticed several times that many brands use dedicated domain names for correspondence and not generic domains. The reason behind it is simple; when someone forwards a link, people wait to open it until they can associate it with the brand name. This is the way how URL showcases your brand and adds a trust factor.

Short links may look tidy, but many times you may need to get the relevant keyword as per your requirement. This way, you will not be able to edit or customize your keyword, and you may have to use random letters and numbers, which will not add any value to your SEO ranking.

Take Away

Branded links are the best way to associate your brand with the content you share across social media platforms. This is an excellent way to build trust and increase brand recognition and awareness. Branded links also hold credibility and are proven to increase click-through rates by up to 39%. The URL shortening tools help track and evaluate your promotional activities and the content you share.

With the help of ONPASSIVE’s latest URL shortening tool, OTRIM, you can shorten the link and customize it with your brand’s name. This way, it would be easier for you to share it on various platforms where the audience can recognize your brand.

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