Tools make life better and easy. They automate the process to reduce manual errors and accomplish tasks quickly and easily. Before getting in to know the angular tools. Let us know what is angular and its importance.

Angular has gained popularity in recent times. The primary reason behind the is its robust components enabling developers to read, write and maintain the code easily. Hence, these features serve angular as the necessary component for project development.

 What does angular do?

Angular's role is significant in building dynamic and interactive single-page applications through its powerful features. Notably, the designers can use the HTML language as a template language. Moreover, this framework enables building dynamic applications and other benefits.

Significance of angular framework for project development

  1. Google’s support:  The top criteria of the angular framework is its support from Google for the long term, whose role is vital to enhance the angular ecosystem.   
  • Typescript:  Angular applications are built by typescript to ensure greater security. Furthermore,it supports primitives, types and like interface. Also, errors are caught and eliminated during the early stages of writing code or executing maintenance tasks.
  • Declarative UI: Angular makes use of  HTML language to define the application UI, for HTML being less complicated and declarative language. Due to this, it does not require more time investment in the program flow and determining the loading aspects.
  • Testing is simple and quick: The angular framework enables simple and quick testing. It  carries features that can be easily be handled. Moreover, the module separation allows applications to load. Besides, the automation testing performance is accelerated.

Angular development tools

With the angular framework significance we have gathered, let us get to know about the top angular tools  that one should consider :

Angular CLI:

This tool is developed by Google, enables bootstrap of projects at an accelerated pace by providing the build and testing configuration. Webpack serves as the base for CLI, allowing them to optimize various webpack loaders.

Moreover, this tool finds seamless integration with various other projects, including Angular material, Angular core, etc. Projects initiated with Angular CLI will enhance productivity and leverage the practical experiences of the complete ecosystem.

Language service:

The most common mistakes developers make while using a dynamic language is to spell the property name wrongly. Typescript role is vital for it can warn the developers about choosing any incorrectly typed methods. Also, it suggests the proper names and provides auto-completion.

One attractive thing about this language service is that it can be used even in the text editor and IDE with the help of the available plugin.

Compodoc and ngd:

Known about applications requiring automatic API documentation? Angular's role is vital for it can provide richer documentation. This development tool enables to list of various UI components by collecting all the classes with @component. Also, Compodoc does search, table of content and supports a variety of themes.


Codelyzer automatically verifies the given project. At present, the tool uses the Angular template and analyzes applications more sophisticatedly. Apart from satisfying the style guide, the tool also warns of the spelling mistakes of the variables.

Some important information derived from codelyzer include the following :

  • Proper declaration of metadata
  • Identifies dead CSS
  • Ngc compatibility
  • Satisfies style guide essentials


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