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Marketing is essential for business promotion. Users can gain the attention of the business products and services through marketing. Articles, blogs, newsletters, and white papers are organic promotional means for illustrating business information to the users.

Marketing technology

What is this marketing technology that we are talking about? Marketing technology is the use of the technology for digital marketing means adopted in any organization.

Marketing technology helps coordinate the marketing operations and the customer experience. Technology plays a vital role to help meet the changing customer requirements and know the growth possibilities of various marketing channels.

Marketing technology benefits

Marketing technology enhances business marketing means, and thereby derives efficiency in the workflow. Below stated are some of the significant benefits:

  • Avoids redundant tasks by automating the workflow and reduces the human resources to attain more excellent outputs with minimum inputs
  • Gains greater insight into ROI for business marketing
  • Post gathering the ROI insight, businesses can choose the ways and means to achieve greater ROI

Having said this, let us explore some of the significant types of marketing technologies that can reshape the business strategy:  

  1. Advertisements: Advertisements help promote business services and products to gain user attention. Otherwise, the business’s reach to the public will be out of reach. Google’s ad marketing, Social Media ads, or LinkedIn job postings are some advertisement options.
  • Analysis: Analysis plays a prominent role in determining how things work. Developing products is good. At the same time, a perfect analysis of the performance will help businesses track the functioning, look where things are booming, and when and how things are experiencing a downfall. Thereby, necessary steps can be defined for improvements.
  • Content promotion: Writers spend time to produce some amazing content. What if a suitable platform cannot be optimized for content management. The efforts are drowned. So, proper digital marketing has to be adopted to derive the content value.
  • Social Media: Effective Social Media posts can create a significant impact on the audience. However, consistent experience across all the Social Media platforms can turn user experience clear and confident. Technology helps build a single Dashboard for multiple Social Media accounts and creates a consistent user experience across various marketing channels.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Customer relationship can be maintained by interacting with the customers even after one-time sales. Adopting relevant practices can strengthen the relationship post-sales. Maintaining an existing customer costs is less compared to the process adopted for attaining new customers.
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management is the technological tool developed to help businesses associate with the customers in a friendly manner by knowing their expectations and requirements. Analyzing the market trends is absolutely necessary to implement marketing ideologies optimally.

ONPASSIVE’s marketing technology for businesses

ONPASSIVE, an AI-driven organization, is set to integrate all the business marketing needs into one platform. Social Media images and videos can turn attractive and beautiful with O-Dit, a graphic editing tool. Images editing takes just a few clicks to save considerable time, and the inbuilt themes of the tool can portray images and video more incredibly.

Talking about CRM tools, ONPASSIVE’s provides AI intelligent tool O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) that performs a perfect market analysis. The tool allows analytics to know customers better and design the marketing strategies accordingly.

Moreover, the tool plays a vital role in renovating the existing marketing strategy in line with the current market trends. Also, the tool suggests intelligent ways to connect and engage with the customers. Significantly, the tool uses sentiment analysis to know the user’s intent better.


Marketing technology accelerates businesses’ growth. Many complex tasks turn easy and improve digital marketing means. Businesses seeking support for adopting the best marketing technology do have the support of ONPASSIVE’s AI tools. Explore the AI tools for best results.