Digital Transformation

No matter what industry we consider, digitalization has changed the way things work out. They have created positive changes influencing businesses significantly in view of profit and reputation.

Digital transformation techniques have created interest among the public and paved way to increase sales. Digitalization in marketing has incorporated graphics, compelling content and speech to gain user attention.

This being the overview, let us know what is Digital Transformation :

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is to use digital tools and techniques to meet the ever-increasing customer needs, changing marketing goals and create a trend set for businesses.

Role of Digital Transformation

The business perspective concerning the plan, designing, marketing and customer experience has changed with digital transformation. Customers are actively engaging in the content and are interested in pursuing more digitalized work. Digital transformation can assess the adaption and outcomes of any technology for any businesses. Moreover, it suggests the right way of using the technology to generate profitable results.

Digitalization led to innovative technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which have revolutionized the business sector. The latest result of digitalization can be seen in our daily life, where we use televisions as a source of information and entertainment. Internet built televisions serve as the best source to view YouTube channel.

If we speak out our interest, the system is trained to present the best videos to choose from. For example: if we wish to view live news of any particular channel, the top listed videos are presented to us. Such is the effectiveness of the AI built systems. Also, they effectively serve our interest to view the latest movies through various platforms offering services for downloading them.

What holds significance for any businesses to flourish? I think it is customer satisfaction. Trying to incorporate the digital trends to best communicate with the customers proves effective. As part of digital transformation, social media platforms have emerged to serve many essentials, including customer care. Businesses can create their social media page, stay connected with the customers to promptly answer the queries and know the feedback. Who else can best suggest the improvements other than the customer? So, it is required to value the customer feedback.

Digital Marketing Sales Alignment

Digital marketing sales alignment is necessary for any business to generate revenue. It is worth implementing as it enables both the marketing and the sales teams to share common goals and objectives. While, they work in coordination to plan out things, execute those and assess the results.

Marketing and the sales team have to align with each other to derive enormous profits for any business. Revenue generation being their common goal, they have to work hand in hand and share a common platform and the relative tools to deal with the customer-related activities. Any drawbacks serve each other to improve, and at the same time, success contributes to their overall growth.

AI in digital transformation

How about the AI systems active at work to promote digital marketing? They are sure to generate outstanding results compared to traditional systems. How about emails? They are evergreen means to promote marketing as every one of us regularly uses it to know any information. So, don’t you think choosing an effective tool that executes email marketing in the best ways serves your marketing purpose? Of course. O-Post is an email marketing tool developed by ONPASSIVE that enables efficient email marketing. Imbibing it in one’s workflow ensures posting relevant information to the users.


Digitalization is the latest trend as any workflow using it is set to reach the massive public with a wide variety of requirements within a minimum time. What else does a business require other than this? Now the time calls to implement the digital technologies in our workflow to enable timely, effortless and accurate results. To aid this, ONPASSIVE’s AI tools stand as an answer to so-called digital transformation. Make the most of them and get the best.