Digital Transformation

Employee communications have become significant in the prevailing remote work culture today. Many businesses are forced to opt for digital transformation applications while facing the challenges presented by the pandemic. In this context, businesses are examining the current employee communications applications (ECA) technologies to decide if they are meeting all their employees’ requirements. 

As an internal communication tool, ECA runs a range of functions, including intranets, emails, employee apps, and chat and collaboration tools. However, all companies may not necessarily use all the tools. Their applications majorly depend upon the workforce demographics of a specific company.

Digital transformation has ensured that each employee in an organization has access to critical information and other communication channels. While many organizations are sceptical about digital transformation even today, there are some reasons that highlight its significance. In addition, it underlines the fact that now is the right time to embrace digital transformation.  

1. To reinforce company goals and vision

ECAs enabled by digital transformation provides delivery mechanisms that let employees keep up with organizational goals, vision and values while working remotely. Every time employees start their work by turning ON their systems or taps; companies can ensure that employees are reminded of organizational goals and targets.

2. To enforce transparency with information sharing

A study by 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer has shown that communications from the employers have become the most trusted source (61%), which is followed by the national government (58%), social media (39%) and traditional media (57%). Moreover, receiving news directly from the CEO is more trusted and powerful than received from a social media post or any video recording.

3. To offer a sense of community

With the availability of digital means of communications and chat tools, employees can easily and effectively communicate with each other and deliver great work without meeting in person. Digital transformation has paced up organizational communication with such a variety of tools and applications that help employees get a sense of community while working remotely as a team.

4. To bring generations of workers together

A working organization is where people from different age groups need to communicate and collaborate to get work done. However, with varied age groups, communication can get tricky. But all thanks to digital transformation that enables a connection between an employee from Generation X to a new joinee from Generation Z.

5. Good fit for all

Digital transformation facilitates a win-win situation for both an employer and an employee. While the employer provides the right tools and resources to employees to get work done efficiently, employees can also seek work satisfaction by accessing required tools and save their time to enjoy their personal lives apart from work.  

Wrap up

Employees are among the most valuable resources of any growing enterprise. Thus, they should be provided with the right tools to perform better in their pursuit to fulfil organizational goals. Employee Communication Applications (ECAs) enabled by digital transformation have revolutionized the way employees get access to information or the way they perform their tasks. ECAs have become even more critical in today’s work from culture. Thus, organizations need to start embracing digital transformation to reshape their working culture.