Why Is Account-Based Marketing Significant?

Marketing is about understanding users and knowing their requirements. Marketers focus on user activities online. Significantly, tracking users online is the primary activity of the marketers to know and understand user expectations. 

The sales team perspective is to talk to the customers and make sales happen. However, there is something significant to note that sales are happening with the right people. Are they worthy enough to be approached and talked about the businesses? The answer lies with Account-Based Marketing(ABM).

Account-Based Marketing stats

Covid -19 has caused the increased usage of ABM. During Covid-19 time, customer relationship has weakened. Consequently, doubled efforts have to be implemented to regain the strength and establish a more substantial relationship. As a result, the usage of the ABM has risen from 38% in 2020 to 75% in 2021.   

ABM strategy

ABM focuses on aligning the marketing and the sales department to focus on the high potential candidates who can do colossal business for any organization.

Prominent factors that contribute to Account-Based Marketing 

Study the records and analyze the growth records. 

Do the accounts have a promising future?

Businesses have an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on which any business can know which record best suits them.

What do the Ideal Customer Profile characteristics have?

Industry type, Annual revenue, technologies, geographical location, and cost constraints include some of them. 

Sales and the marketing team have to go hand in hand to understand the best records and later execute Account-Based Marketing. 

Mainly, there are three types of Account-Based Marketing.

1. One to one: Account-Based Marketing is about associating with the accounts either face-to-face or virtually to know their requirements and expectations. 

2. One to few: This method associates with more than one. What are the means of adapting to associate with the accounts? Email marketing and organizing any group live or virtual events serve as an efficient means to establish the relationship.

3. One to many: This category focuses on dealing with a larger group of people. Digital marketing techniques such as content marketing include personalization and customization. Advertising or organizing any virtual or live events are some other means of implementing.

ONPASSIVE’s role for Account-Based Marketing

ONPASSIVE has a very prominent role to play in supporting AMB strategy. AI’s tools are set to prove their mark in various business domains. The tools enable seamless workflow and produce excellent results. 

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is an effective tool of ONPASSIVE, designed to understand customers better and turn them into leads. The tool helps the user to understand better and show only the relevant content to them. Users' requirements vary, depending on which suggestions and guidelines vary. O-Desk suggests the best channels to connect with the customers and helps align the marketing strategies according to the existing marketing trends. O-Desk helps capture the right audience for any business that helps save significant time and effort.

O-Post is another innovative product designed to send effective emails accurately. The tool comes with innovative templates to turn emails more compelling and increase click-through rates. Any personalized emails gain user attention, and the statistics have revealed that personalized subject line including an emoji has increased the click-through rates.


Businesses following Account-Based Marketing optimize marketing resources to choose specific targets. For this, the marketing and the sales team must coordinate to choose the best accounts that are most likely to convert into customers. 

The sales and the marketing goals have to be aligned to reach the ambitions and targets. At the same time, businesses need technologies to aid the Account-Based Marketing process. Significantly, the usage of AI has proved effective, and ONPASSIVE can support building a compelling Account-Based Marketing strategy with AI tools.