Why is Customer Relationship Management so Critical?

Customers are an integral part of any business. Businesses need to update themselves according to the trend. To flourish, they need to come up with services that gain customer applause. Before that, one needs to explore various promotional activities to gain user attention. Digitalization has proved effective for executing it with wide usage over the recent years.

Establishing a good customer relationship requires gaining user details initially. As the number of users increases, it becomes difficult to manage their information. Adopting CRM tools helps to handle the tedious task effectively.

Is Customer Relationship Management Critical?

Is Customer Relationship Management so Critical? I think it is not so until the advent of AI in CRM that deals with complex tasks and makes them easy. Before exploring the role of AI in CRM systems, let us study what a CRM tool can basically handle:

Basic features of a CRM tool

Gain customer contact information

Customer contact information stands as the base for any businesses to carry out any future tasks concerning the customer. What do you think is the primary means to achieve it? I believe the company’s website needs to create its place in the top search results. This serves as a primary source for any information concerning the company’s products and services. Creating a sign-up page with minimum requirements helps gain customer information. With such information at hand, email marketing can also be executed effectively with engaging content.

Conduct Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns promote the business products and services through advertisements choosing various media platforms, including television and radio. Not limited to this, high-level business adopts many advanced methodologies, including conducting webinars, interviews and sharing personal opinions using videos through YouTube channels and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Recognize sales opportunities

Moreover, how can the sales opportunity be identified? At the basic level, one needs to study the current market trend, gain opinions, generate ideas, know the user’s experiences, know competitors edge, the best sought out products and services by the public. Plunging into their details helps identify the various sales opportunities.

How about the case when the customer base increases? Or how are different marketing campaigns executed multiple times for various products or services? Or how are sales opportunities identified with the growing requirements? For any of these, the best CRM tool serves as an answer.


ONPASSIVE’s O-O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is an AI-driven CRM tool with all the essential features incorporated in it. Also, the tool is designed to handle massive data that helps takes decisions quickly.

Artificial intelligence incorporated in CRM gains the best results as it adds more intelligence to the existing CRM. In this competitive world, the user expects to perform actions immediately and generate immediate responses. O-Desk automates user actions and generates immediate results. Chatbots are one such innovation of AI that instantly responds accurately to any user queries.

Also, businesses need to analyze the right time to reap the results. This requires understanding the customer’s behavior. Based on the past queries, sales and interest shown, O-Desk predicts customer behavior and helps decide the time and the quantity that could be put up for sale specific to a product or service.


Who would not avail oneself of the tool that predicts the sales and the current market trend? Every business does. This way, businesses reach out to huge customers building their businesses and meeting the customer requirements.

AI incorporated CRM tool outstand the traditional CRM systems. Handling Big Data is the one such effective feature of it which enables to know user analysis and expectations. Taking advantage of them generate the best results.