AI in Content Strategy

Today, artificial intelligence is being increasingly adopted by businesses across various segments. This is because of its widespread applications and benefits. Content is one such area where companies can leverage artificial intelligence. AI in content strategy can help brands get tangible business outcomes and gain a leading edge in the market.

AI offers benefits in almost every aspect of the content strategy, from research to planning to promotion. By analyzing the past market and customer data, AI predicts the strategy that will work for an organization. This helps companies to devise strategies around them and drive maximum conversions.

Today, there are massive AI-powered tools available. These tools can help content marketers to improve their content strategy and improve conversions. Let us look at some areas where AI can help content marketers reach new heights.

AI in Content Strategy: Applications

#1: Research and planning

Research is one of the significant sections of content. A high research article gets 10X traffic compared to a low researched article. Also, AI in content strategy helps content marketers to gather comprehensive insights into the market, customers, and competitors.

This eventually allows marketers to include facts and interesting info in their articles.

Also, AI tools and applications allow marketers to understand how their users interact with their content across multiple touchpoints. Moreover, this helps content marketers plan the tone and strategy of their content.

Additionally, a solid content strategy will attract more audiences and increase conversions.

#2: Creating and Curating Content

Curating and creating content daily basis is a tedious task. It takes an enormous amount of time to research topics that are trending and create content around them.

AI in content strategy has helped content marketers research trending topics and identify target customers’ needs and demands.

This has significantly helped content marketers to devise a solid content strategy and create engaging content. By leveraging AI tools and applications, content marketers can create engaging content relevant to each marketing funnel stage.

Additionally, an appropriate content strategy allows marketers to reach the right set of customers.

#3: Drawing data-driven insights

Traditionally, content marketers manually sorted through piles of data to build a solid content strategy. AI in content strategy has made it more accessible.

Also, there are various AI tools and applications available that allow marketers to track their content performance, compare their performance with other websites, and much more.

Besides, AI can help content marketers devise smarter content strategies. With AI’s influence on SEO, content marketers can optimize the content for maximum leads and conversions.

AI Tools in Content Strategy

#1: Web content optimization

Artificial intelligence tools are imperative for getting your content optimized for search engines. Also, AI in content strategy is helpful in SEO and topic recommendation.

By using AI tools, you can understand the trending topics and write content based on them. Besides, an advantage is that AI tools and applications can help marketers to work on content in any language.

#2: Personalized recommendations

AI can help content marketers to personalize communication for their target audiences. The best part is that AI benefits both businesses and customers equally. Companies can increase traffic by personalizing content for their customers.

Also, customers can get recommendations for similar products and services they have searched recently. Various AI-based content curation tools can help content marketers understand their customers’ needs and preferences and personalize strategies.

#3: Chatbots and personal assistants

Keeping the customer satisfied is imperative for businesses across all sectors of the economy. Customer satisfaction and experience contribute to increased sales and conversions.

AI tools such as chatbots and personal assistants can help businesses to stay connected with their target market. Chatbots are used to provide instant responses to customers online. This creates a feeling of being connected with a brand for customers.

Also, brands get higher conversions and lead from satisfied customers. As leading businesses have already started leveraging chatbots and personal assistants, it’s high time for you to start.

#4: Automated Insights

Some AI-powered tools allow content marketers to understand how their users interact with their content. Also, content marketers can understand customer buying behavior and spending patterns.

This eventually helps content marketers to revisit their strategies regularly. Also, writing on trending topics allows content marketers to drive maximum traffic and conversions.


Artificial intelligence has wide applications in all industries in one form or the other. AI tools are beneficial at various stages of devising a content strategy. AI empowers content marketers to generate huge conversions and traffic.

Also, AI helps content marketers in content research, business planning, content curation, content marketing, and many more. ONPASSIVE’s AI-based tools have helped companies across various domains to create engaging content and increase traffic.

If you have not started with AI, don’t wait for more. Connect with us today and learn the benefits of leveraging AI tools and applications for your business.