In my last post ONPASSIVE part 1, we talked about what makes a business strong and compliant in all the countries they do business in.

Today I wish to spend a little time explaining our compensation structure and how it is superior to anything else I have discovered in my search.

First off, ONPASSIVE is a technology-based company that offers state of the art tools for individuals and businesses to help build their online and offline businesses. These tools are in high demand and will get better and more effective as time goes on because we have some of the top programmers in the industry constantly tweaking and improving the experience for our customers. This brings me to one of our most important advantages.  

We are a product-driven company first and a business opportunity second.

You see, without a product that is in demand and sales, the company really isn’t going to last and you’ll be looking for your next venture and who wants to keep starting over?

We offer what is called a 3 x 10 (3 by 10) forced matrix structure with automatic upgrades, with the most important ingredient being spill-over! To break it down a little further, you are only allowed 3 members on your first level, 9 on your second level, 27 on your third level and so forth down 10 levels.

It’s really very simple to understand and super powerful once it starts to grow. What caught my attention when I first saw the plan was, if the people who joined before me enrolled more than 3 individuals, then the next enrollees would fall or spill-over and fall underneath me and I would earn a commission every month. The second thing that stood out in my discovery was that this is a companywide forced matrix. What that means is that no matter where in the world someone purchases our product from, they would fall in the next open spot in the matrix. So, in essence, this is an automated business.

Think about this for a moment if you will. There are millions of individuals and companies worldwide that use the type of products we offer. Once those customers start to switch over and use our superior products, they will possibly fall in your matrix and you will earn a commission! No recruiting required.

I use to think that only the ones who joined these types of businesses early made all the money, but, because of the forced matrix and spill-over, even those who come in later will earn commissions! How huge is that?

In my next post, I will dig further into how much you can earn on each level and how the automatic upgrades work. This will definitely impact your earning potential significantly and will start to earn you a life-changing income. Oh, and I almost forgot the icing on the cake. It’s our automatic re-entry feature that is given to you at no additional cost and can multiply your earnings to numbers that I guarantee once you understand them will give you some sleepless night, sorry.

Alert: All members who join are date and time-stamped. So, go ahead and lock in your position today right here:

Take care and we’ll talk soon,