business model

My goal is to simplify this subject so it will be easy to understand and explain to anyone you think deserves your help in a short period.

First of all, Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing are basically the same thing. This type of business model has been around for over 60 years and is a method of moving merchandise or services that most people confuse with sales. But, in it’s simplest terms, it is a business of people recommending people to a company so that they will purchase their products from that company rather than purchasing from somewhere else. I like the phrase that you are just showing people how to “Change Brands” and purchase a better product for less and for your efforts you can earn a commission. Have you ever recommended a movie or restaurant you liked? If your answer is Yes, then you just participated in Network Marketing. The major difference is, you just didn’t get paid for it!!

What’s really awesome is that most companies also have a way for you to earn even more money by helping those people you introduced, to duplicate what you have done with them and so forth down several levels. That is why they call it Multi-Level Marketing. The real genius of these businesses is that you can start for a relatively small amount of money and get paid unlimited commissions for doing the promoting and marketing for them. Keep in mind that the reason companies can pay you so much money for your efforts is that they don’t spend any money on advertising.

That brings me to our next business models, the Pyramid Scheme and Ponzi Scheme. I call them a “Scheme” because they are illegal and the Attorney Generals in this country will shut them down as soon as they find out about them. You’ll notice also, a lot of Network Marketing companies might take on the shape of a Pyramid (one of the strongest physical structures known, just look at the Pyramids in Egypt) when you first look at them.

Here’s the important part, the major difference in a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme and a legitimate Network Marketing business is the simple fact that a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme has no tangible products or services for its members to use or sell.

A typical Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme will have an entry fee which is split by those who brought you in and those who brought them in and so forth. So, the bottom line is, the only way to make money with a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme is to constantly recruit and bring in new people and have them do the same thing. The ones who get in early make all the money and those in at the end get nothing for their money. The key point here is, the money is made with the membership fees and not the sales of products.

Another thing that sets a legitimate business apart from a scam is, will the product sell on its own value and merits without someone first having to become a member or distributor? What I mean is, can we just have customers purchase and use our products without having them become part of our business group? If the answer is yes, then you have a strong chance of succeeding with that company.

Now let’s build on that information and talk about how and why ONPASSIVE is in a strong position to succeed and why we will be around for decades to come. First of all, we have high demand products that are already being purchased in the market place. Second, we will offer a superior product at a lower cost and the opportunity to even get those products for free and even earn money for using those products. You see, we offer the tools needed to build and promote any online or offline business. These types of products are being used every day by millions of customers worldwide. Here’s a good question for you to ponder. Do you think the internet is going away anytime soon? ONPASSIVE has cutting edge tools that will attract new customers each and every day and over time, we will dominate the online digital market place.

So, we have a product that will be used by the end consumer and we will earn a commission each and every month. Does that sound like a sound and legitimate business model? The answer is a unanimous YES.

Lock in your position now and if you’re still unclear on the details, just remember what Richard Branson said not too long ago. ” If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it – say yes – then learn how to do it later”

I hope some of this information was helpful and I look forward to any feedback. My next post will go further in-depth and I will also give some awesome facts on the industry we choose to promote.