Before ONPASSIVE came along I lost a lot of money by joining mlm’s. As you know it’s very difficult to recruit, especially if you are 76 years. Although I tried my best it was always the same, no personally sponsored affiliates = no pay. But there is a solution, It’s called ONPASSIVE (presently it’s in pre launch) It should be launching in the near future. With ONPASSIVE you are never required to personally sponsor anyone because spill-over counts, you get paid for all affiliates that land under you and they will earn you money. Of course if you are able to recruit your business will grow a lot faster. I personally am much better at face to face sponsoring. I have a brother that I would love to help him make some extra money. When it launches I will be paying for him and other people who need the help.

Now you know why I joined let’s talk about the benefits of starting a business with ONPASSIVE.

You can continue to work at your present Job or Business while ONPASSIVE works toward your retirement or just lets you do whatever your passion is. You have a lot of benefits at your disposal such as tools to build to build your existing business. That includes building your own website, registering a domain name, advertising any business you presently have. Using the trim url, using our own any meeting platform.

Remember ONPASSIVE is artificial intelligence working for you.

The most important unique thing is that if you are not completely satisfied your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Thanks for your valuable time.