Why ONPASSIVE's O-Trim is Special

A URL shortener is a tool that helps to edit long URL’s and make them short. URL shortening a technique used on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be shorter and still direct you to the required page. This can be achieved by using a redirect that is linked to the web page which has a long URL.

Since the beginning of the Internet, links have been very important elements to get the user from one place to another online. When users start searching for something on the internet, by clicking on the links displayed, they can be directed to the page they are looking for or directly type a link in the browsers address bar for the same. Links can also be shared by embedding them in anchor text.

However, with the introduction of Twitter and other social sharing platforms long or lengthy URLs have become a problem and cannot be shared. Many businesses are currently relying on social media marketing to connect, engage and get an impressive client-base for their brand, products and services. Therefore, everything that is posted on social media from images to URL’s should be optimized and perfect to attract users.

There are many URL shorteners in the market that helps shorten your URLs and get you customized and short links. They come in handy to customize and shorten your URL’s. The latest trend of URL shorteners is ONPASSIVE’s “OTRIM”. 

Everything you need to know about ONPASSIVE’s OTRIM 

OTRIM is a URL trimming tool which has a unique feature to shorten the URL link of the given website and enables users to easily share, send, publicize and broadcast URL on social media and different platforms. 

The customization of the website URL in OTRIM is very important in today’s world. Trimming of website URL is vital to be able to share them on social media because some links can be extremely lengthy and can’t be shared due to the existing limit on social sharing platforms. 

ONPASSIVE’s “OTRIM” is user-friendly and gets the job done by reducing the long URL into a small one. It has a smooth transition from one user to another that leads to a landing page on social media finally. 

OTRIM is beneficial in many ways to users. With OTRIM, you can track the URL created by a registered user and also access the user’s location. It provides an option to add an alias name to recognize the shortened URL while enabling the users to retrieve the original URL. 

OTRIM provides high security for the newly created short URL by sending an email authentication to enable sharing it to the outside user thereby increasing its consistency and utilization among the customer base.

Significant Features of OTRIM

OTRIM has many exciting features that are very helpful to shorten the URL link of the website. Every message and post with a link to your page is prim and builds value for your brand. OTRIM has multiple features that do much more than just shortening a URL link. 

The list of the features are:
  • Shortening a long and lengthy link.
  •  Ability to add a name for the shortened URL. 
  •  Track past links and add a name to past links.
  •  Ability to answer support associated queries easily.
  •  Find and search an alias name for the URL.
  •  The tool to shorten long URL links for increased performance and easy access.

Benefits of using OTRIM

Distributing and sharing your content on social media and other sharing channels helps in driving traffic to your website. OTRIM helps to trim your web address into a shorter URL and comes with additional unique features that benefit the social media marketing of your business.

Some of the benefits of OTRIM include:

  • Making a long and complicated link shorter and easily shareable while beautifying the purpose of using short links for business communities and help them to share the right output at right time. 
  • Create multiple URLs with one click. More number of links can be added to one link to show them as slide wise which gives better access to users who want to use many links for grouping purposes.
  • It provides users with the ability to track clicks on each link that is shared. You can track the visitors based on the demographics.
  • Audience can easily engage with a short URL especially when it is associated recognizably with your brand. It saves time and effort of struggling with long URLs and gives better engagement results with various social media and other knowledge-sharing sites.
  • Using a shorter URL allows improving your marketing efforts and provide a better experience for your customers and social media followers.

While there are many URL shorteners available in the market OTRIM is special because it helps provide the startups with a unique brand image with shortened and catchy links and also helps in optimizing vital customer touc points when interacted with several customers. It helps in creating shorter and more aesthetic URLs while benefiting users with re-targeting and tracking features.