“That’s it, No more You're Fired!”

“That’s it, No more You’re Fired!”

Your alarm goes off, suddenly.

Its morning and you need to get up for another day of work.

It’s been the same for years. Week after week of busting a gut for someone else’s benefit.

The same old commute. The same old routine.

But not today.

Today is going to be different.

This is the day when you are going to stride into work and tell your boss: “No more. I resign.”

What a relief!

Now you can spend the final month working out your notice with a smile on your face, knowing that you’ll spend the rest of your life making your own money in your own time, your own way.

Ever had that kind of dream? Or something similar?

I think everyone has harboured this fantasy in some form or other…. even if they are in a job they like.

Because after all, even if you have a great job, it’s still a job.

You get allocated working hours and holidays. You are at the mercy of people who could fire you, make you redundant or pile on more responsibilities.

And ultimately, you’re there to help their business or organisation make money.

So, the fantasy of just giving it all up one day is a powerful one.

In fact, it’s one of the main motivations for people who want to start their own home internet business.

Which is great, as leaving the daily grind is possible if it all works out… but many of them wrongly believe that to succeed they need to abandon everything else in life first.

After all, if you hit on a great business plan, you can give up your job to focus all your efforts on the project, right?

Well, no….

Sadly, the reality is a little different from the fantasy.

You might think your business idea is a no brainer, win-win, 100% no-fail, sure-fire thing.
But as tempting as it is to resign it’s almost always a bad idea.

While I am a big believer in taking a project firmly in hand and being totally focussed on it, I’m not of the school of thought that you have to leave your job to start your home business.

And here’s why…

It’s highly risky.

You don’t know yet if your business will work, how much income it will make or if you will enjoy it. Even if the plan your following is proven and workable, life has a habit of throwing you curveballs.

The worst outcome will be that you end up with no job and a business that’s not doing it for you either.

It’s too much pressure.

The buzz of waking up and sitting at your computer instead of going to work will soon wear off. You’ll start to feel the responsibility of having to generate your own income.

It’s a pressure which can make you act rashly or carelessly in order to speed things up. That’s when you take shortcuts, compromise or make mistakes.

Thirdly, it makes no financial sense.

Your business might not make substantial money for 6-12 months, possibly 2-3 years or more.

In that time, you’ll be living off your savings or, even worse, money that you’ve borrowed.

If you have savings, you need to invest them into the business itself, not into living costs while you try and get it off the ground.

This why ONPASSIVE look for home businesses to start small, then scale it up, bit by bit, using automated advanced “AI”.

A side business means you can get started on your journey to financial freedom in almost any situation… whether you’re working a 9-5 and looking to leave…. retired but with commitments…. or suffer health problems that restrict the time you can spend on a business.

Make money in your spare time to prove that the business idea works, long term. Reinvest the profits back into the business, rather than frittering them away on living costs.

This allows you to leverage a small investment into a serious income.

More importantly, ONPASSIVE ensures that your business is something you enjoy and find fulfilling.

After all, this could be something you do for the rest of your life.

Why you should consider a “side hustle”

The other week I talked about the growing trend for the ‘side hustle’. As I mentioned, an increasing number of people in Britain are setting up moneymaking projects alongside their regular jobs.

This takes willpower and discipline.

The side hustle requires you to find time outside work and make the very most of that relatively small window of opportunity.

I know I say this again and again but it’s worth repeating – you might have to sacrifice a hobby, give up on your favourite TV, delegate some household duties to a spouse or partner, and cut down your social life.

It may feel for a while like your life has got harder and more stressful. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll hit dead ends. You’ll doubt that you can do it.

But keep in mind that this business could grow into a significant second income that starts to build up your bank account.

And once your side hustle becomes a proven income generator, you can scale it up to a full-time business, knowing that the risks are minimal.

That’s the point where you can walk triumphantly into work and tell them that you quit.
That’s when the dream becomes real.
If this interests you at all, hit the below link here now for more info on this – so hold tight the future is bright.