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Business emails are a trustworthy source to convey information to users. Emails have to be built creatively so that they are clicked. What contributes to increasing the click-through rates? As a foremost requirement, the subject line should be relevant and genuine.

Later the email content should depict the subject line. There should be many marketing ideas centered around content. If the subject demands, including redirecting links to the businesses’ home page can be effective. Moreover, short video and audio, a GIF image can be attached to make the email content more compelling.

E-Commerce platforms enable sales online. Usually, e-commerce websites need promotion to build sales, and for this, ad marketing is one means to do it. Interested businesses expand on them aspiring to generate revenue. Before knowing how email marketing minimizes the PPC advertising costs, let us gain a brief idea about PPC ads.

What is e-commerce PPC advertising?

PPC is not a new word in the marketing field, and everyone knows it as Pay Per Click.

Now, let us know who pays whom. Advertisers are the business sources who promote business ideologies, products, and services as advertisements, and publishers are those who publish them on their websites. 

When a user clicks the ads on any published website, the advertiser has to pay the publisher a certain amount for each click. Sometimes, this could hugely cost any business. Email marketing comes to aid businesses economically. Let us know how?

Email marketing for minimizing e-commerce PPC advertising costs

The demand for a website determines the publishing cost, and if the demand is more, then the publishing cost is also more. So, how to lower the publishing cost for businesses? Optimizing email marketing lies as a solution.

Businesses usually spend huge money. However, the return on investment is less. It is no guarantee that those users who have made it on Social Media will return to your business. One-click does not guarantee any business that users would make sales, and the most you gain are the one-time buyers.

So, the important thing is to gain loyal customers for a lifetime so that the money is ever-flowing. This holds true with email marketing ensuring continuous revenue generation and establishing lifetime customer relationships.

Key takeaways:

Imagine a user has purchased one of your business products. As a next step, businesses have to keep them engaged with emails introducing varied other business options and the relative growth possibilities.

Focus on retaining the existing customers instead of going after new customers

Email marketing is cost-effective. The ROI generated through email marketing is relatively high.

Generating a relevant and effective customer base lies for life long, unlike the Social Media followers. 

Social Media strategies keep updating and enhancing regularly. So, it becomes difficult for businesses to update them accordingly as it could consume time and effort. 

Providing an opt-in option gives a chance for the users to choose whether to receive emails. If the choice is yes, then alone, a user receives emails. 


Businesses, especially startups, have to plan and implement things economically. With the desire to stand at the top of the market, businesses might lookup for ad marketing. However, the results have proved that the method costs a considerable amount to the businesses generating less Return On Invest.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and revenue-generating means for any business. Get to know how ONPASSIVE’s O-Post serves as an enhanced email marketing tool for any business marketing.