There are many business models out there, and it’s important to find one that suits your ideas and guidelines. In the past few years, more and more pyramid scheme businesses have appeared on the market, and at first, they sounded legit. But many of them were actually a scam, so you must wonder, what is a pyramid scheme, to begin with? Let’s find out what a pyramid scheme is and why ONPASSIVE isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Defining the pyramid scheme

The idea behind a pyramid scheme is that you have a top-level member recruiting new members to a business. Simply put, new members pay upfront costs to the persons that enrolled them. If you are a new member you will also have to bring in new members on your own, and a portion of those fees are received by people up the chain.

While the business model can be valid sometimes, the reality is that most pyramid schemes are known to be sketchy. And more often than not, this isn’t a sustainable business model or a legit one for that manner. Some countries see them as illegal and they are calling these pyramid scams, so you can imagine not a lot of people like this type of companies.

Why is a pyramid scheme illegal?

One of the main reasons why there are issues with pyramid schemes is that as recruiting is multiplying, new members will find it very hard to bring in other people. That’s why most of them are unable to profit in any way. Which is why the pyramid schemes are known to be unsustainable, and that’s the reason why they end up being seen as illegal in some countries. Despite all of that, pyramid schemes have existed in different forms for more than 100 years and they continue to change all the time to become appealing to customers.

Why is ONPASSIVE not a pyramid scheme?

ONPASSIVE is created with the idea of helping you start your own online business. Upon purchase, you will receive all the tools you need to create your own company and the guidelines to bring that to fruition. That means everything we sell is very helpful for you and you’re not required to re-sell anything or bring us, new customers. You are more than welcome to do that, of course, as it helps us grow. But we are a legit business, you are getting the tools you need to start your own business and that’s it. There are no strings attached and what you are buying is yours to keep.

ONPASSIVE is very passionate about creating top of the line solutions for customers and strives to offer them the ultimate experience and the best results every time. If you’re looking to find a great, exciting way to start your own online business, give ONPASSIVE a try today for all required help. ONPASSIVE is an approved IT company focused on offering you the best solutions available to grow your business from scratch. Creating your own online business has never been easier, so give us a try and we guarantee you will be very happy with this legit business opportunity!